Benefits of Producing Your Professional Song Demo with Tunedly

Online Song Demos by Tunedly

Have a great song idea? Think it could be the next big hit? If so, getting that song idea into the right hands is of utmost importance. But how do you do that?

Well, before you can even begin, you need to have a clean demo of that song. Not just a simple guitar or piano vocal, but a well-produced song demo that sounds like it has already been on the radio.
“Do I need to demo my song? Where do I go? Who can I talk to? How much will it cost?”
Questions like these will flood your mind, especially if it's your first time. The good news is you are not alone!
The best place to get answers to the questions above is right here at Tunedly. Maybe you are already familiar with the name, or hearing about us for the first time. Whatever the case, Tunedly is an innovative, online music recording studio that connects anyone with the world's best musicians to create music with a professional sound, and also discover publishing opportunities.
Not only does it simplify the process of engaging a high-quality recording studio, Tunedly is also more cost-effective. Our team includes professional producers, engineers and musicians, who are waiting to give you the exceptional quality sound you need without charging you an arm and a leg. As such, it's the perfect place to begin the journey of making an attention-grabbing demo of your song.
Like many visitors to our website (many of whom have become loyal, satisfied customers), you're probably wondering that million-dollar question.

What benefits will I get whenever I demo my song?

  • First off, your question: “what benefits will I get whenever I demo my song” is a great one.

    The answer lies in the expertise and experience of our team of award-winning and recognized session singers, musicians, and producers. Some of our pro musicians have worked on projects with the likes of Lisa Page, Pharrell Williams, and Beyoncé. Others have accomplished substantial feats of their own, such as being responsible for ten #1 singles and singing the National Anthem at a SF Giants game.
  • Our professional demo vocalists have the ability to sing various genres.

    Whether the song is country, pop, rock, or blues, whether it is happy or sad, they can add the right style and expression needed for your song. What's more, our professional demo singers can learn songs they have never heard before pretty quickly.
  • To go further into answering your question "what benefits will I get whenever I demo my song,"

    Our top-notch session singers are used to the recording process. Since they do this for a living, our award-winning session singers know exactly the type of vocals needed to give your song that distinctive flair. They can also offer suggestions and valuable input on what the background vocals should sound like because they already know what it takes to sell a song.
  • Finally, our proficient demo musicians are in high demand due to the reputations and repertoires they have built up over time.

    Their vast experience makes it possible for them to decide what groove or theme best fits a song, even if they sometimes rely on gut feelings. This is another excellent reason why using our professional online session musicians for your next demo is of utmost importance. Making a demo of quality is difficult for most song writers, but Tunedly's team of vetted musicians can do this repeatedly and with great speed and accuracy. Building your demo with us will introduce you to the eyes and ears of many music industry professionals, including music supervisors who are already familiar with the quality sound and expertise our brand is known for. As they say, like recognizes like.

Build Your Demo Song with Tunedly

Tunedly is a one-stop resource for all aspiring artists and songwriters

Whether it’s to make music as a hobby, for the therapeutic experience of doing it, or to find commercial success (or all of the above), all songwriters face the same struggles. Tunedly is a one-stop resource for all aspiring artists and songwriters asking the question "where can I demo my song?"
From small demo recordings to large studio, A-list projects, Tunedly can organize, produce and mix all your songs from beginning to completion. No project is too large or small, and all budgets get treated with the same professionalism and attention to detail and quality.

Having your demo recorded professionally with Tunedly is well worth the money.

If you are a songwriter that is serious about pitching your songs and advancing your career, let us help. You can even receive assistance with professional music publishing opportunities, enhancing your chances to earn royalties and gain exposure. If you just want to do it for fun, we can help as well.
Our innovative online music recording studio and publishing platform brings together some of the most talented professional producers, musicians, and vocalists, who will produce your song at or above industry standards. We can contribute to taking your song to a higher level and we know you'll be thrilled with the results.
Every songwriter who desires more success will achieve it big time with a professional song production from Tunedly.
You are the only thing missing from the equation!

“Do I need to demo my song? Where do I go? Who can I talk to? How much will it cost?” Have we answered all your questions