Song Placement Opportunities

Get your music in the hands of today's top A&R representatives, artist managers, and TV/Film supervisors.


If you got the hits, we find them a home!

Why Tunedly

Plugging music with us means transparency. Every song undergoes a strict evaluation by our in-house A&R team with decades of experience in positions with Warner Music and involvement in multiple top 10 chart hits. Only songs that score a passing mark will be plugged by our team of song pluggers. This ensures that major publishers, executives and supervisors, trust us because they know, only high-quality songs get forwarded. If your song doesn't receive a passing grade, you will gain valuable feedback on the reasons of rejection so you can be more successful next time around.

Pitch Your Music

Your song pluggers can place your music in any genre, from Country to Pop over Rock and R&B. Only requirement: Professionally recorded.

How this works

  1. Simply upload your song with our easy-to-use song plugging tool.
  2. Your song gets evaluated by a third party, music market research company.
  3. If your song passes the evaluation, our team starts plugging your song.
  • - Radio ready production of your song (we accept music produced ANYWHERE)
  • - Have the permission from all your co-writers to submit the song
  • - Own 100% of the publishing rights and master
  • - If song passes, willingness to sign a single song publishing deal with Tunedly (learn more)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is paying the song plugger's retainer and success fees?

All retainer and success fees are paid by Tunedly.

Can I only pitch Tunedly produced music?

No, you can pitch music produced anywhere, as long as the quality is of professional standard.

How will I find out about a possible deal?

Tunedly will contact you by email and/or phone to inform you of a new placement.

How many songs can I submit to your song plugging tool per month?

You can submit three songs per month.