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Get your music in the hands of today's top A&R representatives, music publishers, artist managers, TV/Film supervisors and record labels.


We guarantee song placements, or money back

National music executives are waiting to hear your music

Tunedly PRO Members have access to our one of a kind music submission tool, which will connect you to some of the most successful song pluggers in the nation. These song pluggers will pitch your music to industry contacts on your behalf. And best of all, this is Free Of Charge for Tunedly PRO Members.

Pitch Your Music

Your song pluggers can place your music in any genre, from Country to Pop over Rock and R&B. Only requirement: Professionally recorded.

Make a one time Submission for only $35
Stunning Talent
Song pluggers who will plug your music have worked and/or placed music with Tim McGraw, Beyonce, Faith Hill, Michael Jackson, Blake Shelton, Nelly, LeAnn Rimes, Pussycat Dolls, as well as with Universal Music, Sony Music, CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, MTV and in national + international TV ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is paying the song plugger's retainer fees?

All retainer fees are paid by Tunedly.

How does the song plugging tool work?

Your submitted songs are being analyzed by an independent market research company which works with major brands such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Atlantic Records and Warner. If your song analysis comes back positive, we will shop your music for placements with artists, film and TV.

How does the placement guarantee work?

In a nutshell: If you submit at the very least three professional recordings which pass the independent market research analysis within the first six months of your membership and we fail to provide at least one placement within your first year of your membership, we will refund you 100% of the Tunedly subscription fees you paid.

Learn more about the placement guarantee here.

Can I only pitch Tunedly produced music?

No, you can pitch music produced anywhere, as long as the quality is of professional standard.

How will I find out about a possible deal?

Once the song plugger has a specific offer for your song, you will be contacted by email for deal negotiations. Often times, song pluggers will also share information with you when they plug your song but get rejected. Some times, the A&Rs leave feedback and song pluggers will pass on this feedback to you whenever possible.

How many songs can I submit to your song plugging tool per month?

You can submit three songs per month.