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Holds a BA in Music from a top school in Europe

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April 2017

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Remon is an accomplished and talented composer and singer from The Netherlands. Remon graduated from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences’ Rock Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. He majored in Songwriting and Studio Engineering, which gave him all the tools he needed to start writing and producing high quality music productions. With over 15 years of experience, Remon can write in various musical styles and genres like Pop, Cinematic, Electro, EDM, Orchestral, Hip-Hop, RnB, and more. There isn’t a challenge he won’t accept. Remon is not only a qualified composer, he is also a great vocalist and plays multiple instruments like the piano, guitar and bass guitar. He’s grateful for the fact that he is in the position to work with and share his passion: Music.

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