Tunedly Song Placement Guarantee

Tunedly offers Pro Subscribers a Song Placement Guarantee. Please read the rules to fully understand this guarantee.

  1. Songwriters can submit up to three songs per month into the Tunedly song plugging tool. Songs can be produced at any production company and do not have to be Tunedly productions.
  2. Submitted songs are sent to a third party market research company, which is used by major labels and other professional music industry businesses. Those companies analyze the songwriter's submitted songs and give each song a “Commercial Viability” or “Market Potential” score. Songwriter's song needs to score at least 65% in that category. A second category is the “Track Rating” or “General Rating” score. Songwriter's songs need to score a minimum of 7.0 in this category.
  3. Songs which score the minimum score in both categories will be pitched by the team of Tunedly song pluggers. Songs which do not reach the minimum score in one or both categories will be sent back to the songwriter with the report.
  4. In order to qualify for the song placement guarantee:
    1. Songwriter needs to pass at least three (3) songs within the first 6 (six) months of Tunedly Pro Membership.
    2. If Tunedly fails to place a minimum of 1 (one) song of a songwriter who fulfills requirement 4) (A) within the first 12 (twelve) months of songwriter's Tunedly Pro Membership, Tunedly will reimburse 100% of the paid subscription fees of the songwriter.
  5. No additional or upgraded purchases are eligible for refund (i.e. music production fees, additional paid song submissions, etc.).
  6. Songwriter needs to be on paid Pro Membership for at least 12 (twelve) consecutive months to qualify for the song placement guarantee. If songwriter denies a secured song placement off and/or the music publishing contract provided by Tunedly, the guarantee is void.
  7. This policy is valid for Tunedly Pro Subscribers with start date of 11/18/2017 and later.