Pro electric lead guitar players

These pro electric lead guitar players create beautiful chords and solos to set the tone of your song

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I have performed and recorded internationally with many groups and as a solo artist since 2002.

Emily Zimmer is a multi-instrumentalist/composer/songwriter whose unshakable passion for the musical artform...

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Playing the Grand Ole Opry

Hello My name is Austin, I have been playing the guitar for many years now. I feel I am versatile in many styles such as gospel, blues, jazz, country...

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Performed in front of 30,000 people at festivals

I started learning instruments at the age of 8, and started playing in professional working bands at the age of 13. I've written over...

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Performed at the One World Observatory in New York City.

I have done anniversary parties and weddings. I have performed at the One World Observatory in New York City Dec 20th 2016 and...

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Signed label deal and toured extensively

Claude learned how to play the guitar when he was 15, playing good 70’s blues and Rock’n Roll. After joining a few bands...

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