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Whether it’s to make music as a hobby, for the therapeutic experience of doing it, or to find commercial success (or all of the above), all songwriters face the same struggles. It could be that you’re often faced with the big, bad blank page or inspiration coming at odd times. Or maybe you're finding it difficult to connect with qualified singers and musicians or suitable recording studios that don't cost an arm and a leg your projects.

All these can leave you feeling frustrated and even second-guessing your career choice. Tunedly was designed to help songwriters and music creators like you, who want to fulfill your music-making ambitions, counter these and other common struggles.

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Start by browsing our extensive list of award-winning and vetted professionals. Check out their profiles to find out their musical backgrounds and credits, and listen to samples of their music to find out who will work best for your project.

Collaborate with professional session musicians and singers, as well as topnotch studio pros via live chat on our user-friendly website. Our roster includes musicians who have worked on chart-topping projects with big names such as Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, among others.

Secure online storage allows you to easily organize all your projects and share them with anyone who might want to listen, increasing your chances of exposure. Improve your music knowledge and skills with informative articles, resources and tools.

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Apply for Tunedly membership and get started with making songs that sound better than what you're used to, once accepted. Receive completed radio-ready songs and demos in less time than with traditional studios. Faster turnaround time allows you to make more music in a shorter period of time; the more high-quality music you have under your belt, the more pitching opportunities you will have and possible chances for exposure.

Become a Tunedly Member to take advantage of even more benefits. With a Tunedly Lite or Unlimited Plan, you will get access to a number of extras that are geared towards helping you gain more exposure for your music.

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Join hundreds of songwriters, lyricists, and artists who have already linked up with our online session musicians for hire to create over 2,000 high-quality projects with Tunedly, some of which have already been picked up by major publishers. Finally start making sound-better music that not only your friends and family can be proud of, but will also find favor with labels, publishers, and music supervisors.

And if you’re just doing it for the fun of making music, or as a form of therapy (or all of the possible reasons, for that matter), you will also love how easy it is to express your creativity and put more of your identity in your music.

Save while you're at it

Avoid high studio costs and prohibitive session musician fees that only leave a hole in your pocket and little chance of making an impact. Only pay for the singers, musicians, and services you need. Eliminate the need to seek out DIY alternatives that often cause more harm than good, instead of helping your music to sound better.

Topnotch Customer Support

All projects are monitored by a trained professional, who ensures the finished product is of the highest quality, and is available to respond to your queries in a quick and efficient manner. You can also get answers and resolve any issues you might have by connecting with our customer service team through chat or email.

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You want your music to soundbetter - that's why you're here; in addition to increasing your chances of gaining exposure for your music. Start creating a better future where achieving your musical goals becomes more possible. Don't wimp out.

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