Terms of Use

In Plain English

What you need to know about your song rights.

Tunedly or any third party has no commercial right over your songs.

The terms of service states "You retain the copyright to the Musical Compositions and Sound Recordings that are created using the Services...for purposes of providing the Services.".

This means in order for us to download the song, we need the right to do so. In order for us to share the song with the engineer and staff, we need the right to "distribute" the song. In order to actually master the song, we need the right to "edit and make derivative works" of the song.

The key part in that paragraph says "for purposes of providing the Services." We need the right to distribute your song, otherwise we would not have the right to send it to our musicians and engineers and they could not share work in progress with each other. They need the right to re-record your song otherwise; they could not work on it and record anything. However as you only give this right for purposes of providing the service; we do not keep the right after they have rendered the service.

  • Copy: Users upload the song only once. We have several musicians working on the song, so we need to make copies.
  • Distribute: Users upload the song to the Tunedly platform. We have to distribute the song to the musicians working on it.
  • Record: We need to record their song.
  • Perform: We need to perform their song in order to record their song.
  • Display: Work in progress will be uploaded on the project page, which can be accessed by the session musicians involved and the user, hence we display the song there.
  • Edit and make derivatives: We need to edit and modify their song (just adding reverb or compression is already considered making edits).

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