3 Things You Should Do To Improve as a Songwriter.

3 Things You Should Do To Improve as a Songwriter.

The Tunedly Team

There are tons and tons of music being written, recorded and released every day. The truth is this superficial number will keep increasing by the day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of music being created is improving alongside. For this reason, there is a continuously increasing tendency that the songs you write get lost in the noise of music being created, especially if it is not remarkable. For your music to stand out, it has to be appealing to every listening ear it comes across, or at least to every ear it was written for. In as much as there are endless promotional strategies that are being developed to get music into the ears of every end consumer, what makes a song stick has a lot more to do with how well it has been written, and and how magnificently it has been performed. As a songwriter, it is your duty to keep improving and sharpening your skills. It is your duty to make remarkably unique music that stands out and appeals to the audience it is made for. This is what we at the tunedly team aim to help you achieve with this article. Here are 3 things you can do to help you improve as a songwriter.

Become A Craftsman

Now it’s important to understand that there are no rules to songwriting. No one can tell you how you should express yourself and there are no ultimate must do hardcore rules to follow when writing a song. But however, there are tools that can help you in expressing yourself in your own unique style far much better. These tools are basic line truths that guide you to doing the work more efficiently and effectively. What this means for you as a songwriter in essence, is that you need to continuously learn from people who understand these tools. You need to learn what they are, and how to use them. Concepts like prosody, perspective in songwriting, object writing and so many many more are tools that can help you write better connecting lyrics when they are intensively understood.

Now how can you become a craftsman? Become an information sponge. Be open to learning from people who you consider very skilled songwriters. Understand the idea behind your favorite songs and learn how your favorite songwriters write. Take courses on songwriting and music development. Read books that can help you improve as well. The truth is that the more you learn general concepts from other valuable sources of learning and implement it into your own writing, the more these skills become ingrained into you and your processes. You will then be able to out rightly create your own niche way of writing while imploring the necessary tools that help you express yourself better. And guess what’s more, there is a higher tendency that in the course of developing yourself and becoming one with the skills you possess, you will develop or innovate newer techniques that you can as well share with the rest of the world. Nothing is honestly ever new under the sun, everything is always a modification of some preexisting concept. Learn to always arm yourself with new information, own and implement it, and watch your songwriting improve with each passing project. Become a craftsman.

Live A Life Outside Songwriting

Most songs are written based on our experiences daily. And the reason why some songs connect better with listeners better than others is that the writer has probably been able to express the thoughts of the listener better. You see, you can only write about what you’ve seen, heard or learnt. Giving yourself the luxury of having a life that doesn’t involve the studio at all times is not only healthy living, but also helps in enriching your creative sauce. You want to be able to write exactly how you feel about any situation you’re experiencing in your songs. The chances that someone out there is literally experiencing the same situation or something remotely similar are honestly very high.

Maybe giving yourself that much liberty might seem like you taking your feet off the gas of creating music. One way to help you make sure you stay consistent is to set aside a specific time when you are going to be doing nothing but writing. This will help you not to feel guilty about wasting time. The best songs you listen to out there have elements that appeal to you from your general perspective of life, not just of you in your songwriting mode. This is exactly also how your listeners will feel about the songs you create. Every emotion you experience is important as to how you relate your craftsmanship. Journaling some specifics about your days will also be useful to you when you need them. Give yourself enough active time to live and enjoy life outside of the studio.

Write The Song How It Comes

There are days when the first idea that strikes you for a song is the chorus. There are also times when all you have is a line or a melody. Never wait for the entire idea to be complete before you write. Starting with what you have will help you get in tune with what you’re trying to write about and help you actually finish up the song. So if all you have at any point is a mere melody ringing in your head, pick up your phone and record it. When you eventually sit to write, it becomes easier to develop around that melody line you’ve created. You can even keep stacking up these various ideas in a file or folder, and pick them when you have a topic that they relate with. You mustn't wait to know what you’re trying to write about before you write. Sometimes, some of the greatest gems we create stumble upon us without it being planned for. Keeping yourself open to writing the ideas however they come without necessarily knowing where it might lead to could just be the key that leads you to the greatest song you’ll ever write.