“That is a really GREAT idea... very smart.”
— Martin Dodd of MXM Music

(Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Usher)
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Experiences from songwriters, singers, producers and more...

“I feel that this company stands out from others. They are friendly, competent, and most exciting of all very unique and original in their ways of working with writers.”
“I have been offered a publishing deal, for the song produced. My experience has been tremendous.”
“I have now finished 8 songs through Tunedly! Every one of them have been fun and has turned out well. The quality is top notch, and you choose the musicians and mixers you want.”
“We're fans of all that you do.”                                 
Tunedly is exactly what I've been looking for and wanting. As a songwriter, to have the opportunity and ability to choose and build as many layers to my song production from the ground up...”
Tunedly is definitely the company you need and want to provide quality, industry-standard, radio-ready music. Ranging from commercial music to tunes for a family reunion...”

“Tunedly may well represent the future of the recording industry.”

— David Geer of The Next Web
“I struggled as an amateur songwriter to go from point A (Garageband quality) to point B (professional quality). I consider myself lucky in having found Tunedly.”
“Smartest money I have ever spent!!! Tremendous musicians, great vocalists.”
“Working with Tunedly will allow you to expand your creative universe and truly express yourself through your music.”
It has everything I need to produce great, radio-ready versions of my songs - I am able to select the session musicians and singers that suit my project, and get a mixed/mastered full production of my song in a couple of weeks, and at a cheaper rate compared to a traditional recording studio. Very happy! I would highly recommend Tunedly!

“With companies like Tunedly now coming into the fold, we’re about to enter an exciting new era of home studio production. It seems things are finally changing for the better!”

— Megan Brame of the Huffington Post
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