Another Valentines Love Song

Another Valentines Love Song

The Tunedly Team

It's that time of year again, where everywhere you look, it's red hearts and chocolate candy.

What about all those corny, sappy love songs on the radio? Are you somebody that has somebody, or are you somebody that somebody is after this year? For those of you that have somebody, good for you.

You may or may not celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other but if you do, you usually look forward to getting that big, heart-shaped box of chocolate and that cute little, stuffed cupid bear.

What about receiving a love song?

People used to call-in to radio stations, pronouncing their love to the world with a song dedication, or make a mix-tape. But nowadays, it's a bit more personal.

If you are among those being chased after this year, you may dread those unwanted love songs in your inbox or, gulp, being played on the Bluetooth speaker at your office by the coworker who has a crush on you.

So what do you do with these unwanted love songs? Here are a couple of ideas you may enjoy utilizing after receiving one of these lovely love ballads.

1. A ringtone: You can use it as that crazy, stalkerish person's ringtone. Not that you want a constant reminder of that person, because they are always calling or texting you, but that is what the silence button is for, right? At least the ringtone will be unique!

2. A soundtrack: If you are in a relationship, you could make a video of your perfect-date selfies, using the song as a soundtrack. Or, on the flip side, if this song was the last straw to a dwindling relationship or the song is from that creepy stalker, you could use it as a soundtrack for a break-up video. (Maybe that will get your point across!)

3. Un-love song: If you are super creative, you could rewrite the song to mean the opposite of its syrupy-sweet lyrics. Instead of “I love you forever,” it could be “I hate you eternally.” See the play on words used there? This may be especially effective at getting rid of that stalker!

Whether you are happy to hear a song being used to help your significant other express their love, or if you are dreading hearing all the sappy choruses coming this lover's holiday, maybe you can use those chords to your benefit.

We thought it was time for a more light-hearted article after our series of serious topics. Give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook! Try one of these suggestions or think of your own way to play with music and enjoy your Valentine's Day, whether you are alone or surrounded by loved ones.