Electric Guitars for Newbies

Electric Guitars for Newbies

Haziqa Ishtiaq
Guest Post by Haziqa Ishtiaq

For anyone even slightly musically inclined, guitars have always held a certain degree of magnetism.

Where other instruments, for example, the Piano, are elegant and graceful, the Guitar is raw and powerful, more specifically the electric guitars. While Acoustic Guitars have their charm, Electric Guitars have an appeal that no one can resist.

Music has the power to heal, to lighten the mood, and lift your spirit, and the talent to play soulful melodies is something not all of us possess. However, there are specific methods of playing any instrument – techniques that, if you master them, you can play any tune.

Before you start looking at lessons, let’s see which electric guitars are the best fit for beginners:

1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Because you are a beginner, you don’t want to start out with an expensive guitar that is way over your budget. So, how about the more reasonably priced variation of the Gibson Les Paul – the Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

The Epiphone Les Paul has all the features common to the Les Paul series, making it the best choice for both pros and amateurs. While it might be a bit pricier than others in its class, coupons from and other similar companies can help you pay your way through.

A maple top and mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, and humbucker pickups at the neck provide superb handling of clean and overdriven tones. Plus, the sleek design in traditional and modern colors makes it look almost breath-taking.

2. Fender Modern Player Telecaster

Fender Modern Player Telecaster

Another one of the greats is the Fender Telecaster. Whether you are just learning or already an expert, this guitar has a lot to offer to any musician who picks it up.

The sturdy pine body and the C-shaped maple neck, maple fretboard, and the jumbo frets, make for a stunning guitar piece. The classic style and shape are made to fit anyone and everyone. Not only the design, but the sound quality of the Telecaster is like no other.

It offers a broader range of functionality that may be more than you bargained for, but that means you won’t have to upgrade for at least a few years.

Three pickups with diverse characteristics, a humbucker by the bridge, a Strat single-coil in the middle, and a Tele one at the neck, plus the five-way pickup selector switch, means the sky is the limit with the type of sounds you can produce.

3. Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster

Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster

With traditional American style and unparalleled sound quality, the Bullet Stratocaster is the best guitar to have for a beginner. It has a 21 fret, soft C-shaped neck, minus the octaves of the guitar for pros.

Plus, bypassing the tremolo system, the Bullet Stratocaster has a vintage hard-tail bridge, making it super easy for a beginner to control and tune. Let’s not forget the three Strat single coils, two volume knobs, and the third one for tone. It also has a five-way selector switch, allowing for flexibility in tunes.

With various colors available – pure white to fiery red, as well as the classic sunburst – the Bullet Stratocaster is indeed the best choice of guitar for beginners.

4. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

Yamaha is pretty well-known for producing beautiful instruments and their Pacifica Series is a testament to that.

With a curvaceous, alder body, a maple bolt-on neck, rosewood fretboard harboring 22 frets, the PAC 112V is a sight to behold. It was designed specifically for beginners, but there is no rule saying professionals can’t enjoy it.

The Yamaha PAC 112V comes with three Alnico V pickups, two single coils, and a humbucker; not to mention a five-way switch, coil tapping, as well as a tremolo with a whammy bar that provides impressive sound quality and unparalleled player experience.

5. Ibanez RG450DX

Ibanez RG450DX

For a beginner in the world of music, the RG450DX is one of the best choices you’ll have for your first guitar. Unsurpassed in sound quality, the exceptional design and affordability means this guitar has no equal.

It offers basswood, double-cutaway body shape, Wizard 3 maple neck, along with a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. That’s not all…

It also has three Quantum pickups, two humbuckers, accompanied by a single coil in the middle giving you the edge for some rock ‘n roll. If you want versatility in sound and a comfortable grip, then Ibanez RG450DX is one to consider.

6. Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

This smaller model of the Jackson Dinky is the best when you want to start out with something less daunting. In addition, if you have small hands, then you’ll have an easier time handling it.

However, don’t be fooled by its small size – the Jackson JS1X is just as sensational in its sound quality and player experience as any other of the Jackson series. It has 2/3 Strat double-cutaway and a solid poplar body with 22.5” scale length. With excellent grip and handling, the bolt-on, slim maple neck provides unparalleled playability and features rosewood fretboard and 24 Jumbo frets.

You can find the JS1X in an array of colors; from Ferrari Red to Neon Orange, you have your pick of the litter. Not only that, but there are two Jackson-designed humbuckers, with smooth controls that give you excellent rocking tones, if you feel like a little rock ‘n roll.

7. Squier Affinity Jazzmaster HH

Squier Affinity Jazzmaster HH

Jazz is the most versatile genres in music, with everybody owning different variations and styles. With how integrated it is in the American culture, I think it’s safe to say it is one of the cultural identities of the nation.

If you like playing funky Jazz music, then the Squier Affinity is what you should try out for your first musical rodeo. It has exceptional playability, and the mix of Jazzmaster and Jaguar body shape, made from solid alder, makes it the perfect electric guitar for beginners.

It features 22-fret, C-shaped maple neck, and the ’68 headstock, all of which makes the sound quality out of this world. Additionally, the humbuckers it harbors give it more weight than you’d expect. However, it does nothing to diminish the joy of playing the guitar.

Furthermore, the Affinity Jazzmaster ditches the traditional switch and takes on a much smoother, learner-friendly control system. It has a master volume, a tone, and three-way switch, giving you an entirely new musical experience.

8. Dean Vendetta XM

Dean Vendetta XM

When you’re looking for electric guitars, the price range is usually in the region of high. However, the Dean Vendetta XM has a solution for that dilemma…

Substituting mahogany wood, the Vendetta XM employs the solid paulownia, making it more affordable for beginners. The sleek design and double-cutaway body make it a beautiful piece to behold. Plus, the range of colors gives you many options.

It has a fast-playing, bolt-on maple neck featuring a rosewood fretboard, with 24 frets for superior sound, and comfortable grip. It also has two Dean Humbuckers that produce excellent rock music when played with a little distortion.

9. Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster

Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster

Squier Vibe 50s is not your average beginner's guitar. In fact, it’s a little advanced for first-time users, but if you’re past the entry-level, then you can try your hand on the Vibe 50s Stratocaster.

A solid alder body and Strat style, give the Vibe 50s a serious vintage appeal. Plus, the music quality of this electric guitar is beyond words. This electric guitar features a trio of Alnico 3 single coil pickups, with C-shaped maple neck and 21 medium, jumbo frets, giving you a genuine musical experience that you can’t help but enjoy.

10. Epiphone Les Paul-100

Epiphone Les Paul-100

If you know how to handle an electric guitar, then you can play the LP-100. The guitar is a modern spin on the classic 1952 original; with similar style and features, it is a beauty in the beginner’s market, and a favored choice because of the lower price tag.

It has the traditional shape you’d expect from a Les Paul, made from gorgeous mahogany wood and maple, bolt-on neck; rosewood fretboard, and 22 medium-jumbo frets.

Additionally, the guitar holds a LockTone Tune-0-Matic bridge, a StopBar tailpiece, as well as 14:1 die-cast machine heads. It strives to provide a smooth beginner experience and unmatched sound quality with its two humbuckers; a 700T by the bridge, plus 650R by the neck.

The smooth playability of the Epiphone Les Paul-100 is sure to have you lose yourself in the melodies, making it impossible to put down.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know your top ten, are you ready to go out there and get yours? These are some of the many gorgeous choices of electric guitars for beginners in the market. All of them provide a superb user experience. Whether you are learning or a professional, like country music or rock ‘n roll, you can enjoy strumming out tunes with these top ten and revel in the joyful rhythm.

Haziqa Ishtiaq is a content writer for PennySaviour – a coupons provider website for many of the top brands of the world – with an interest in Genetic Counseling and literature. She has written many blogs covering a range of topics including music, technology, fashion, business, and more.

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