Email Marketing for Musicians (Part 1)

Email Marketing for Musicians (Part 1)

The Tunedly Team

What is Email Marketing?

Marketing via electronic mail (email) is a powerful tool for promoting a company's goods and services. Email marketing is a sort of advertising that helps spread the word about your company's new offerings, sales, and other services to the people who have opted in to receive your emails. It can be used to keep customers interested in your brand in between purchases and to inform them about the value of your brand and what your brand stands for. It combines elements of both direct and digital marketing.

Ray Tomlinson, a computer expert, was responsible for the first email ever sent in 1971. Seven years later, in 1992, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp named Gary Thuerk used this new form of direct contact to send out the first commercial email to announce a new product. Even though he only had 400 email addresses on his list, the email he sent generated nearly $13 million in revenue.

It was in the 1990s that the internet finally became affordable for the public. Marketers realized that email might be used as a viable advertising medium when the way people connected with one another shifted. Likewise, the proliferation of promotional email necessitated a revision to existing laws. For instance, the data protection statute was modified so that all promotional emails must include an "opt-out" option.

Advantages of Email Marketing.

1. Cost-effectiveness - Email marketing costs are lower than many other forms of marketing. Business owners are not required to pay advertising fees, printing, or media space costs.

2. Permission-based - You can market your brand to people who have chosen to receive email communications from you. Customers who are genuinely interested in your brand.

3. Workable design - You can send plain text, graphics, or attach files - whichever suits your message best.

4. Scalable - Email marketing can be used to reach large audiences or smaller targeted lists.

5. Shareable - It's easy for people to forward and share your email content.

6. Conversions and increased sales - If you have a new promotion, people can click on links and follow your call-to-action.

7. Less intrusive - Recipients can read your message at a time that is convenient for them. Customers can also update their preferences if they want to receive different messages from you or unsubscribe if they feel they no longer want to receive your email communications.

8. Time-saving - Through automation, you can send emails to people based on an action they have performed on your website - e.g., send a welcome email when a user signs up to your website or issue an email offering a discount incentive if the user abandons an online shopping cart.

9. Real-time marketing - You can connect with people in real-time through email marketing. Using automated triggers, such as website activity, recent purchases, or shopping cart abandonment, you can reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right offer.

Types of Email marketing.

Email Newsletters - This is a very common and popular email marketing campaign. As a growing musician, you can use an email newsletter to give the audience and potential fans helpful knowledge and tools. It is essential to add value to their inboxes. To do so, create engaging content, including thought leadership and announcements about new services/ products. To ensure the effectiveness of your newsletter, ask yourself if the content helps build a relationship with fans, increases retention and engagement, and strengthens subscriber loyalty.

Retention Emails - This is done by sending a message requesting feedback or an offer to an audience who haven’t interacted with your email campaigns lately. Retention Emails are a very useful email campaign strategy that can help keep your hard-won audience.

Acquisition Emails - This type of email can help you gain an audience who has chosen to receive your emails but has not yet been converted into fans. By creating attractive offers and informative content, you can show those in your email list the value of becoming an active fan.

Promotional Emails - These emails help improve sales, signups, and new product offerings for your music. This includes offers that entice and encourage your target to buy a new product/service. Use promotional emails to reward engaged subscribers with exclusive offers, drive new products or services to subscribers, and cross-sell products to your fanbase.

Email marketing has become a very effective tool that can be used to gain fans, engage them, and also be able to retain these fans or audiences. Your business and music career will benefit greatly when an email marketing campaign is successfully implemented. Selecting the correct email marketing campaign is paramount to achieving your business goals. Fans/target audiences are more likely to forward and share an email that is found valuable to them. Watch out for a follow-up article on tips to use email marketing as a musician.

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