Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Get Musical Success

Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Get Musical Success

The Tunedly Team

Pursuing a musical career is a path totally different from the refreshing passion for producing melodies that speak to people worldwide. It involves diving into fields beyond recording in the music studio, writing songs, and performing live. Many things are required to successfully navigate a career in music, and putting your craft out there in ways you might not understand is one of such.

Many years before the internet era, social media was not in existence, a force that musical artists of the time could only have dreamed of. Today, social media is accessible with just a few clicks on a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, and several devices. Social media can be a handy tool for a new artist with the potential to achieve musical success if done correctly.

Social Media: A Force

Recognizing social media as a force to reckon with in getting musical success is an important step. However, it takes up a significant fraction of the work to bring millions to support you on your journey to having a successful musical career.

Social media are platforms that many in the world today are signed up on where they are free to post almost anything and share with friends. Moreover, it is a space that allows for all kinds of comments and thoughts from people of multiple different ethnicities.

With just one click, a video whose content has a unique potential can go viral in minutes on all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Whatsapp. These platforms have millions of users in most countries, so you can only imagine the number of people that will come across your content while surfing the net.

Today, thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, many new artists are being discovered by good music seekers and labels worldwide, leading to promising musical careers. When the power of social media is being harnessed the right way, there is no limit to the accomplishments of a young new artist in the music industry.

What it Means to Attain Musical Success

Producing one hit song one summer, which has many listens and brings you some recognition, does not necessarily mean you have attained musical success. The truth is, there are many famous artists already. Many more are undiscovered and are vying for the top, so relenting in any way would have you replaced in the minds of thousands soon enough, and everyone will long forget your hit summer song.

Attaining musical success for some artists means becoming relevant and staying relevant, while others define their musical success differently. In truth, pursuing a career in the music industry means you have got to think from not only the perspective of an artist but also that of an entrepreneur marketing their craft to a large audience.

Some other artists define their success when they can afford items they could only wish for in the past. But, no matter the definition of musical success, it still boils down to one key point: having an audience that sticks around forever.

How to Boost Your Musical Career Using Social Media

The entertainment industry is occupied by many today because it involves many people playing different roles for the stardom of one musical artist. Music labels consist of marketing managers, producers, publicists, human resource managers, artists, and creative consultants because it is impossible to achieve a sterling musical career alone.

Here are some ways to actively use social media to get musical success:

1. Be Active on Most Social Media Platforms: Having an account on major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter is the primary step for an artist in achieving musical success. People who love your music will love anything you post and earn you a massive following on all these platforms.

With large followings come publicity, verification, ambassadorship deals, and much more. Soon enough, people will want you to host their parties, make special appearances at their workshops, and much more. Staying active on these platforms opens you up to endless possibilities as a musical artist.

2. Employ a Social Media Marketer: Social media marketing is a profession that helps harness social media's power to achieve musical success. However, social media marketers play an important role that not just anyone can play.

Social media managers work to produce your content in a way that is inviting, and they control the frequency of these posts; they analyze the outreach your posts make daily and other things that will help you grow as an artist online.

3. Schedule Live Broadcasts: Fans love artists that they can converse with or one that makes out time to interact with their fan base regularly. Live chats present the best opportunity for you to get to know your fans and get them to know you through live questions and answers.

Going live does not have to go on for several hours as long as you stay in touch with your fan base.

4. Keep Your Accounts Updated: The purpose of having an account in the first place is to have an online presence as an artist and to keep your followers informed of your every release and collaboration. Make sure to regularly update your bios with any new music, as it is one of the few things that catch people's eyes when scrolling through your profile.

5. Remain Consistent: Without consistency, any of the above-listed practices on how to harness the power of social media will be useless because it is only with consistency that the result shows. Having a solid hold on social media is essential because as much as it can make you, it also holds the power to destroy one's career.

Social media holds power to maintain a steady audience that only keeps growing by being consistent in doing the work that attracted fans to you in the first place. It might sound like a lot of work at first, but it is honest work and one that pays. In the right hands, social media is a tool that can ensure you stay a relevant artist known worldwide with incredible fans and a successful career.

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