Heart of Gold Fundraiser

Heart of Gold Fundraiser

Remember the Colorado wildfires that occurred just before the New Year on December 30th? People everywhere were hoping the New Year would bring in a positive shift from the energy of 2021. For folks in two communities in Colorado, their dreams were shattered when they were hit with a wildfire propelled by winds of over 100 miles per hour. This disaster destroyed a thousand homes and is the biggest disaster in Colorado’s history. Thousands of people were stunned to find themselves suddenly homeless.

Unfortunately, one of Tunedly’s supporters was part of this holiday week calamity. Judylynn Schmidt is a Superior Colorado resident, who was barely able to flee with her partner and the clothes on their back. There were no fire trucks, sirens, or knocks on the door. In minutes, her home caught fire, and everything in it was completely destroyed. She has lost everything, even her beloved cat companion, Bushwick. Like the majority of her community, she has just discovered that she is extremely underinsured.

This was a shocking turn of events. Just a few days before the fire, Judylynn had reached out to Tunedly about the possibilities of an investment opportunity with us, because she felt so strongly about our approach to helping independent musicians. Now, this devastating event has set her way back. As a company built with helping musicians as one of its core foundations, we have decided to help in our own little way.

Judylynn is the librettist of an original award-winning musical, The Awakening of Angel DeLuna. Her creative partner, composer-singer-songwriter, Lee Ellis, and Justin Guarini (American Idol Runner Up-First Season) have generously come to her aid and released an original heart-warming acoustic song they recorded for the musical’s demo a few years back.

We at Tunedly have decided to bolster their selfless action by sharing a link to their Bandcamp post below. The song has been released as a means for raising funds to help Judylynn get back on her feet, and we hope that your reading this will inspire you to be of help and assistance as well. This classic original song: HEART OF GOLD, is at its core a song of hope and resilience for everyone. It holds a message we share in our hopes for 2022.

Here is a link to their song: Click here

Judylynn has asked us to thank you in advance, for your support on their behalf. Thank you for your help, please share to raise awareness for this.

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