How Musicians Can Easily Use Social Media

How Musicians Can Easily Use Social Media

The Tunedly Team

The modern-day music industry requires a lot of showing up and displaying one’s talents consistently. It is usually not enough these days to just be a great artist or songwriter, you have to be able to give your talent the visibility it requires to take your career to the next stage. For songwriters who are independent, this is a real tasking situation to be in. This is because, we are really just okay with recording and writing music in the studio always, the other sides of the business seem like stress.

Whether you like it or not, getting yourself out there to attract collaborators and connections as well as paying clients is important to be able to maintain a sustainable songwriting career. One tool that can help in keeping songwriters in the mix of things and getting as much-needed exposure as possible is most definitely social media. And if you’re reading this, we have written this to give tips on how to use and navigate social media best as a songwriter or as a musician even.

To start, it is important to note that whenever you choose to become active on social media, do not make the mistake of allowing yourself to be pressured by the kind of content other people already make. Being yourself is an important key to remaining a consistently active user of social media platforms. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by what other people do and begin to see yourself as inferior. Understanding your own persona first and then fine-tuning it to become presentable to your audience is a very good strategy to use when trying to use social media to build exposure and authentic connections.

This is also a very easy way to craft out a brand for yourself as an artist, songwriter or musician in general. It is very important for you to build an online brand around your social media pages. A brand already unique to you will be easy to consistently keep up with. Branding helps to pull everything together towards the music you create. It is creating an image that you are to be known for and draw attention with.

Things like having a certain color scheme, wearing only a particular kind or color of clothes, or even just using the same filter around your posts are a great way to organize your social media branding efforts. This will help to draw more people into your space to work with you and help you gather more fans interested in your works. There is also the use of hashtags that helps people find your content easily or create a sense of community with your audience.

Always remember that when a listener finds your music on Spotify or anywhere else, the most likely thing for such a listener to do is to search you up on social media or on google which will then link your social media to you. You do not want such a person to go to your page and find it empty or with mediocre content. It is very important to prioritize quality content in your social media plans. Always put high-quality content on your feed. They reflect your image and the perception you want the listeners to have of your brand.

It is also vital to put out these contents consistently. Therefore quantity is also an important factor in the process of building your social media audience. Now balancing between quality and quantity may be a really hard bargain, because creating quality content may not come off easy for some people. One thing that does help is finding a rhythm of consistency you can keep up with. If posting once a week is how best you can go to make quality content, then stick to it.

Again, it is important to note that you should be yourself and do what is unique to you, and inexpensive as well. Most big artists or songwriters have a dedicated social media team, so they can consistently create and post content for their feeds. An independent musician like you should do what they can consistently do and avoid burnout.

Deciding what to post on where is also a problem some musicians face. Not every post should be heading to your feed and not all should only reside on your story. Sometimes you’re not sure what to post on the feed or on reels. Tiktoks have also become a huge place where musicians can easily post content and get noticed quickly enough. But here’s how most of them work. Stories are mostly for day-to-day activities, studio sessions, etc. but for content you want to put out like a portfolio, such as releases, pictures, and interesting rewatchable content, feed works very fine.

Reels and TikToks are for short-form video content that can be used to showcase your skill regularly. Things like duets and remixes help people meet new people and push content towards more people. Facebook is still a very good place to get an audience from so it’s not a bad idea to post on there as well.

As you progressively continue to create content, tracking your growth is a way to analyze what is working and what isn’t. So feel free to track the social media numbers and see which content is performing best and helping reach the desired audience. However, be careful not to become obsessed with numbers. Be careful not to become obsessed with social media generally. It is only a tool meant to help you put out your main skill. Its use should never be at the expense of you creating new music

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