List of Videos Published on Tunedly’s YouTube Channel

List of Videos Published on Tunedly’s YouTube Channel

The Tunedly Team

In 2017, Tunedly started a YouTube channel in line with its vision to create a place where songwriters can find helpful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for growing their songwriting careers. Like our blog and other social media outlets, the channel is designed to empower and inspire songwriters to improve their songwriting careers and, most importantly, a place they love to be.

It has been five years since then, and we have succeeded in making videos and visual content that can be seen as inspiring, educational and inspirational to musicians and songwriters across the globe. We have ceaselessly curated these videos with great effort and care to ensure they deserve your time and attention.

Therefore, we have made a list of these videos on our blog, all 83 of them. We want you to be able to find them with ease and enjoy them satisfactorily. While at it, we encourage you to take out time to log in to your Tunedly account as well. Here is the entire Tunedly YouTube catalog in one sitting.

1. Tunedly - music production and publishing solution: There are countless reasons to write a song, and this video explains why Tunedly is the best fit for all your possible reasons.

2. Mella: Backstage | Episode 1 | Tunedly: Get introduced to Mella, a session musician with Tunedly, in the first episode of the Tunedly Backstage series.

3. Joel: Backstage | Episode 2 | Tunedly: Tunedly Backstage's second episode introduces Joel, a session musician, and vocalist with the company.

4. Rémon: Backstage | Episode 3 | Tunedly: Episode 3 of Backstage, featuring Rémon, a producer, studio engineer, songwriter, and singer.

5. Ashley: Backstage | Episode 4 | Tunedly: The 4th Episode of Backstage features Ashley, a vocalist at Tunedly, and with a group 1LV.

6. The Power of Prosody, with Alex Forbes [Tunedly webinar]: Alex Forbes presents a workshop on The Power of Prosody.

7. Basic Legal Rights for Songwriters, with Wallace Collins [Tunedly webinar]: For this episode, renowned entertainment lawyer Wallace Collins III, Esq. presented the fundamental legal rights for songwriters.

8. 10 Overlooked Cash Flow Strategies for Songwriters, with Bob Baker [Tunedly webinar]: Renowned music marketing guru and acclaimed author, Bob Baker, presented for this episode on Overlooked Cash Flow Strategies for Songwriters and Musicians

9. Basic Music Theory Principles for Beginners, with Steve Mugglin [Tunedly webinar]: Steve Mugglin, creator of Chordmaps, was the featured presenter for this episode.

10. What is a brand?, with Bobby Owsinski [Tunedly webinar]: How is branding significant to your career as an artist? What do The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, The Ramones, Iron Maiden, and Chicago all have in common? Bobby Owsinski answers your questions in this free presentation.

11. How To Make Music For The Big Screen, with Harvey Mason Jr. [Tunedly webinar]: Harvey Mason Jr., who has produced award-winning music for movies such as Pitch Perfect 3 and Dreamgirls, shares his knowledge in this webinar.

12. Collaboration Agreements For Songwriters [Tunedly webinar]: Wallace Collins talks about the importance of collaborative agreements when working on projects with other musicians.

13. About Stage Performance, with Gilli Moon [Tunedly webinar]: Stage performance is a critical component in the career of any musician who wants to captivate audiences and become successful in the music business. Musicians often get caught up with writing songs and making music while neglecting the performance aspect of the business. However, if you want to make money and leave a mark, you must also learn how to master the stage. Singer-songwriter Gilli Moon of SongsAlive is here to offer a few tips.

14. How to Find Time for Music, with Bree Noble [Tunedly webinar]: This workshop is presented by Bree Noble - a Music Business Trainer, Mentor, and the Founder of Women of Substance Radio & Podcast.

15. Emily: Backstage | Episode 5 | Tunedly: Get introduced to Emily, a session musician and guitarist with Tunedly, on the 5th episode of the Tunedly Backstage series.

16. Chris: Backstage | Episode 6 | Tunedly: Musician, performer, composer, and producer, Chris, talk about his work on Tunedly Backstage.

17. Joel: Backstage | Episode 7 | Tunedly: Joel’s Backstage session is up for your viewing pleasure.

18. Simple Tweaks for Better Songwriting [Tunedly course]: All songwriters face the same struggles of sometimes finding it difficult to develop good lyrics. Applying these simple tweaks could help if you happen to be faced with such a period in your songwriting journey.

19. How to Stay Hungry for Success [Tunedly course]: The phrase “stay hungry" might sound cliché, but there’s a good reason why many people who find success keep saying the same thing. The real question is, how do you stay hungry for success? Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you.

20. How to Look for a Music Mentor [Tunedly course]: Finding success in the music business can be next to impossible if you’re trying to do it on your own. You need help and support from people with experience and, quite often, the right connections.

21. Songwriter’s Anthem (Lyric Video): The lyric video for the Songwriter’s Anthem, written by Richard Bonnin, performed by H. Alexander, and produced by Tunedly.

22. Upbeat music for concentration 🎧 Tunedly: Various studies show that music as a concentration aid works. But not just any music (for example, you want a tune playing at a particular BPM to put your mind into a flow state). And that’s what this track is all about.

23. Upbeat music for songwriting 🎧 Tunedly: Background music optimized for songwriting. Finding inspiration for fresh song ideas, writing lyrics, and creating melodies require focus and mental clarity. Tunedly enjoyed creating this background track. We hope it helps you write more songs or relax so you can do other things. Enjoy!

24. Upbeat music for meditation 🎧 Tunedly: Relaxing music makes your meditative sessions more fulfilling. Much care and consideration went into creating this track to ensure the music had the right tempo and relaxing vibe for meditation or unwinding. Please enjoy this video.

25. Upbeat music for a good mood 🎧 Tunedly: Uplifting music to heighten your mood. Various studies point to the power of music in helping to relieve stress and anxiety. The right tunes aid in stimulating feel-good endorphins in your body and getting you into a positive frame of mind.

26. Upbeat music for the morning 🎧 Tunedly: Feel-good music to kick-start your day. Research shows that how you start your morning can majorly impact the rest of your day. Why not start each day off with some lovely music?

27. Upbeat music for songsmith 🎧 Tunedly: Listening to music has boosted productivity. But you need the right type of music that will help to block out surrounding noise and distractions. With many songwriters making up the Tunedly Team, this was a joyful project that we are especially proud of. We hope you will gain value from listening as you work on creating your next set of potential hit songs.

28. Upbeat music for lyric writing 🎧 Tunedly: Refreshing music created especially for the wordsmith who wants to boost lyrical output. Research consistently shows increased concentration resulting from listening to some types of music. Our team was careful in developing a background track that promotes the frame of mind essential for creativity. Put this on in the background, and write your best lyrics.

29. Upbeat music for sport/running 🎧 Tunedly: Ideal music mix for running / jogging and sports activities. In addition to possibly helping you run faster and longer, studies show that music can boost the concentration needed for some sporting activities. Keeping fit and healthy does not have to be tiresome and boring. With great music, you can improve your runs and physical practice. Our team put a lot of thought into this track and hopes you will enjoy all the benefits for what it’s worth.

30. Upbeat music for inspiration 🎧 Tunedly: Inspiring background music to help your brain start connecting the dots. The famous saying implies that genius is 1% inspiration / 99% perspiration but that 1% can sure seem harder to come by. Our carefully-crafted background track comes from the drive of the Tunedly Team to be an inspirational force for producing good music. We are happy to assist you with finding inspiration, whether for music or other tasks you might need it for.

31. Upbeat music for productivity 🎧 Tunedly: Optimized music track to get you into the peak-productivity mindset. Getting more done can seem impossible with all the various distractions around. The right type of music helps you focus on tasks and think more clearly about what needs to get done. We thoroughly relished this opportunity to create a music track that you will likely find extremely helpful. See you on the other side!

32. Tunedly - best music studio: Your music deserves the best musicians and production services. Create demos and complete songs that sound great. Trust your music to Tunedly – the best music studio that allows you to create professional music online. Get started today.

33. Tunedly - happy clients: At Tunedly, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We consistently strive to over-deliver on our promises and to fulfill our mission of being the online recording studio of choice for songwriters and music creators. You, too, can become a Tunedly happy client.

34. Tunedly - music samples: In this music-laden video presentation, you can hear and feel the passion that goes into a Tunedly-produced song. We create songs in all genres and styles, from soulful ballads to punchy rap anthems. Enjoy all the breathtaking snippets, and when it’s your turn to create something unique, our team of musicians will be waiting to help you get it right.

35. Tunedly - online recording studio: Looking to connect with an online music recording studio to enhance the quality of your songs? With Tunedly, you can now collaborate live with award-winning session musicians and audio engineers to make real music.

36. Tunedly - music production: Amplify your creativity with Tunedly! Looking to connect with a music production studio to enhance the quality of your song? With Tunedly, you can now collaborate live with award-winning session musicians and audio engineers to make real music.

37. Tunedly - top-notch session musicians: All you need to make great music and grow your career with our talented online session musicians for hire. At Tunedly, we have already completed over 8,000 songs for our clients. Choose your certified session musicians from the Tunedly roster!

38. Tunedly - record, mix, master, collaborate, listen, discover, and more: All the services rendered on Tunedly, are highlighted in one place.

39. Blog: Speedy Songwriting: What’s your songwriting process like? Do you spend days mulling over a song topic before putting pen to paper? Do you write a verse or two and allow it to grow on you for a few weeks before deciding to move on? Or are you the type of writer who goes into lockdown for a few days at a time to hash out a bunch of songwriting ideas? This video highlights speed songwriting. Enjoy.

40: Blog: Writing Great Sex Songs: Sex truly sells, and songwriters who can create something that hits the spot - so to speak - can put themselves in a position for industry recognition. But writing great sex songs isn’t easy, especially if you want to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

41. Blog: Tunedly And The Modern Songwriter: Technology has helped various songwriters find the time to do what they love out of their busy schedules, and Tunedly is the driver of this new ride in the music industry driveway.

42. Blog: Working With Online Musicians: The ability to make music with online musicians has been a thing for many years. More and more songwriters and musicians have been using the internet for music production services.

43. Blog: Public Domain Pop Songs: Thinking of doing a remake of one of your favorite songs? Worried about all the copyright roadblocks you will have to negotiate before hitting the record button? You may just be able to skip all of that if the song on your radar happens to be in the public domain. Daily, dozens of creative works, including books, art, and music, get added to the public domain. What does this mean? Find out.

44. Blog: No Expiration Date On Dreams: Giving out clichéd motivational speeches is not our strong point. After all, the main business of Tunedly is to help music creators have their works professionally produced and discover opportunities for exposure. That does not mean we can’t share some positive reinforcement with our readers from time to time. Considering what’s been happening in the world over the past year or so, it is clear that members of the music community need encouragement now more than ever.

45. Blog: How To Use a Metronome: This video displays the article on how to use metronomes in music production.

46. Blog: Preparing for Songwriting and Musical Creativity: Here are some tips to help you stay prepared for creativity as a musician or songwriter.

47. Tunedly - music from anywhere: Tunedly is a one-of-its-kind online music recording studio providing a fresh approach to creating real music with the world’s best musicians. Tunedly makes making your music from anywhere easy, giving you access to all the musical expertise and tools you will need to create winning songs. Submit your songs to be streamed among today’s biggest stars and earn a publishing deal. Is the song already recorded? Put the finishing touches on it in less than 24 hours.

48. Tunedly - session musicians for hire: Finding talented session musicians for hire can be demanding. We have made it easier for you. Here is how! Choose your certified session musicians from the Tunedly roster.

49. Tunedly - enhance your life: Have you heard about the 12-hour instrumental song we worked on? This tune can help you study, work, sleep, calm down, or relax after a stressful day. Enjoy non-stop music that sets the tone for your busy life.

50. Tunedly - song title association game: Play this cool song title association game on our YouTube channel.

51. Tunedly - Mylène Besançon for Songwriting Magazine: Co-founder of Tunedly, Mylène Besançon, offers some helpful tips for developing your brand. Songwriting Magazine is a quarterly online magazine aimed at songwriters and fans of song-led music – of all genres.

52. Tunedly - Chris Erhardt for Billion Success: The co-founder of Tunedly, Chris Erhardt, answered questions for Billion Success. Billion Success Media is a publishing company explicitly designed to support new entrepreneurs and new self-published authors.

53. Tunedly - testimonials: Some of the testimonials we have had from our clients about the services on Tunedly.

54. Blog: Get Up And Get Moving: 2020 turned many of us into little more than couch potatoes. Staying locked in 24-7 meant eating round-the-clock, watching loads of Netflix, and spending too much time on social media. This new video is for you to help you get back up.

55. Blog: When Mathew Knowles And Harvey Mason Jr. Came On As Advisors: Tunedly made a turn for the better when Mathew Knowles and Harvey Mason Jr. came on as advisors. Here’s how it happened.

56. Blog: Golden Nuggets from David Bowie: Do you have a favorite David Bowie song? And what lessons, if any, have you learned from him? Here are some golden nuggets we have deciphered.

57. Blog: Making Music Is Difficult: We outlined the difficulties associated with making music and how we help solve them.

58. Blog: Focusing On Your Songwriting: How do you remain in control of your workflow based on the way you create? If you have ever struggled to focus when working on a piece of music, keep reading for some tips.

59. Blog: How To Annoy a Songwriter: Unlike corporate employees, creatives are often subjected to intense scrutiny regarding their earning potential and ability to live financially-stable lives. Here's your free ticket if you are looking for ways to annoy a creative, notably a songwriter.

60. Blog: Repetition And Subtle Variations In Music: Several attributes can be pinpointed in songs that garner a following. Most Billboard charting singles, for instance, use at least one of several lyrical themes. There are several elements that songwriters need to keep in mind. As the title suggests, repetition and subtle variations take the spotlight this time..

61. Blog: Marrying Lyrics With The Rhythm: Becoming a competent songwriter means learning all the trade tricks. One aspect of songwriting and composing you are bound to encounter continuously is placing or writing lyrics over a rhythm pattern. This might sound relatively simple and intuitive – and for some musicians, it often comes naturally – but that isn’t the case, especially for beginners. This video is designed to help you identify the main points of matching lyrics with rhythm patterns so you never get stuck at this phase.

62. Tunedly - How songwriters can emotionally connect with their audience: This video is based on an article from Music Think Tank, a group blog bringing together key thinkers in the realm of the online music business, which teaches how to connect with audiences emotionally as a songwriter.

63. Tunedly - How can streaming platforms better support independent musicians?: Our CEO, Chris Erhardt, wrote on this topic on Forbes.

64. Tunedly - How do you order a song?: From creating a free account to ordering a song production, we covered it all in this How To video. Bring your songs to life with Tunedly's online recording studio, where we work with top producers, session musicians, and engineers!

65. Tunedly: creating a hit: Here is another Forbes article was written by the Tunedly CEO, Chris Erhardt.

66. Tunedly: follow us on Tik Tok: TikTok is the wave now, and Tunedly is nowhere left behind. Check out videos from our account, and of course, follow us.

67. Tunedly - Mylène Besançon for Billion Success: Co-founder of Tunedly, Mylène Besançon, answered questions for Billion Success. Billion Success Media is a publishing company explicitly designed to support new entrepreneurs and new self-published authors.

68. Tunedly - more testimonials: What is better than Testimonials? More Testimonials. Watch this clip of our clients’ expressions of satisfaction and happiness.

69. Blog: Let's Talk About ASMR: Like most people, you probably get little head tingles when you hear certain sounds. Maybe you have gotten tingly while listening to onions being chopped, hearing your car tires crunching on gravel, or even hearing the rasp of your favorite singer on that song you like. Are all these sounds (and many others) doing something to you on an emotional level? Maybe so, but there is also a solid explanation for why you feel that head-tingling sensation. It’s called ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response.

70. Blog: Exploring Quantum Music: You’ve probably heard of such terms as quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum computing, but are you aware of quantum music? The term is relatively new, but has been growing in popularity and, quite possibly, could impact the future of music.

71. Blog: Salli Edwards On Tunedly: Salli Edwards, a singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia, shares her experience working with Tunedly on her album Revolving Doors.

72. Blog: 7 Home Studio Must-Haves for Productivity & Comfort: Having a home studio is probably one of the best feelings for an artist, songwriter, or music producer. It gives room for non-stop creativity, the fast-paced transition from basic song ideas to finished products, and the absolute undeniable comfort of being at home. If you want one soon, make sure to have these seven things.

73. Blog: Building Bridges: It’s not always necessary to create a bridge for your song, it’s one of those optional things like salt or sugar in a recipe. However, similar to how those ingredients can sometimes provide the missing flavor that makes a dish complete, adding a bridge might make a song sound whole or just sound better.

74. Blog: No Talent No Problem: You need the talent to make good music and write great songs. But what happens if you do not feel talented/ that is not a problem. This video has you covered.

75. Blog: Music And Culture: Our uninhibited access to music sometimes takes this essential art form for granted. Yet, music is one of the most profound forces that has helped shape and tell humans' history over thousands of years.

76. Blog: Music Mentorship 101: Pursuing a music career can be one of the most ambitious experiences you can undertake. It isn’t easy to make an impact, and with all the challenges newcomers face in the music business, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the many things you need to do to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed. This video helps you make it less overwhelming.

77. Tunedly - our music discovery app: Let's just take a quick merry stroll into the Greenlands of your imagination and learn about our music discovery platform.

78. Tunedly - the dos and don’ts of music collaborations: This article by iSing magazine was curated as a video on the Tunedly YouTube channel. iSing Magazine aims to inform, inspire and support the savvy career-oriented singer who wants to stay ahead of the game, fill in the gaps and find out what’s what.

79. Tunedly - debunking the get-rich-quick notion in the creative industry: Getting rich quick is a phenomenon common in recent times amongst younger generations. Tunedly’s CEO, Chris Erhardt, gives a strong debunking take on it,

80. Tunedly - song title association game 2: Enjoyed the first game? Here is a second one for you.

81. Tunedly - celebrating you: At Tunedly, we strive to build an empowering and motivational space for aspiring artists. Our Music Discovery platform has taught us to celebrate creatives, musicians, and artists dedicated to their careers. While doing this, we are proud to offer music lovers the opportunity to stream, scout, and discover new music to help the industry evolve in a big way. This video shows how.

82. Tunedly - since the start: For the past 5 years, we have made videos consistently for our audience, which is a compilation of every video since we started.

Tunedly is your go-to online music studio, music publisher, and masked music discovery service. Tunedly connects songwriters and music creators to some of the world’s most talented session musicians to create professional-sounding music and help you gain exposure through music publishing opportunities.