Maintaining Quality Standards on Tunedly's Music Discovery Platform

Maintaining Quality Standards on Tunedly's Music Discovery Platform

The Tunedly Team

In a recent communication, Tunedly co-founder Chris addressed the issue of maintaining quality standards on the music discovery platform. Recognizing the prevalence of PAYOLA in the industry, Chris emphasized Tunedly's stance against the practice, which requires musicians to pay for music publishing considerations. Unlike other platforms, Tunedly remains an exception in this regard.

The primary requirement for song submission on Tunedly is that it aligns with one of the five supported genres, namely Pop, Country, Rock, R&B/Soul, or Hip-Hop/Rap. Moreover, the song is expected to demonstrate professional quality in terms of production and recording.

Regrettably, there has been an increase in the submission of poorly recorded songs that fail to meet the platform's quality standards. These include songs without lyrics or vocals, incomplete instrumentals, recordings marred by excessive noise, subpar vocal or instrument quality, and rough demo versions. Such submissions are deemed unacceptable, and Tunedly has taken the initiative to remove such songs. Furthermore, users who repeatedly upload substandard music may face account suspension.

Tunedly holds no biases towards the production or recording origin of the songs uploaded on the platform. Whether a song is produced by Tunedly or not, what matters most is the demonstration of professionalism and adherence to certain quality benchmarks.

While the platform remains committed to its stance against PAYOLA, Chris acknowledges the rationale behind other platforms implementing submission fees for music publishing or sync license opportunities. By adding a monetary consideration, musicians are prompted to critically evaluate their songs and assess their suitability for a professional environment. Additionally, companies like Tunedly are required to invest significant resources in quality control measures to ensure a satisfying music consumption experience for their audience.

At present, Tunedly is not implementing a submission fee for music uploads on the music discovery app. Chris wanted to address this issue directly with users through email and communicate it on the Tunedly blog. Personal monitoring of upload quality will be conducted over the next months, with the hope that improvements will be seen. However, if the quality of submissions does not improve, Tunedly may be compelled to adopt a similar approach to other platforms and introduce a nominal submission fee in the future.

The intention is to prevent a decline in the overall submission quality and preserve the opportunity for free submissions on Tunedly. Chri urges users to refrain from submitting songs recorded on cell phones, off-key renditions, or amateurish acapella versions reminiscent of four-track recordings from the '70s. By adhering to higher standards of professionalism, users can collectively ensure the integrity and reputation of Tunedly's music discovery platform.

Through these efforts, Tunedly remains dedicated to providing musicians with a platform where talent and quality are valued, enabling them to showcase their best work and connect with potential opportunities in the music industry.