Radio is Still Alive and Kicking

Radio is Still Alive and Kicking

Sara Harrison
Guest Post by Sara Harrison

Making your mark in the music scene takes talent and a lot of exposure. In an arena of unique flairs, finding the best seat is a challenge.

listening to radio Traditionally, musicians find solace in the fact that the radio exists to their advantage. For decades, people depended on the radio for new music. But a significant shift happened when the internet came to life.

An arsenal of songs from artists around the globe became accessible in just a few clicks.

Many people think that the radio has completely taken a backseat in delivering new music to the public. We bet not. Getting your music on the radio is still so important. Do you want to know why? Here are a few reasons:

Radio is not dead.

Radio may have taken a quick holiday in the setting of new trends in music, but it continues to make strides in helping aspiring musicians introduce new music to the public.

A report by Nielsen for the second quarter of 2015, for example, found that “the national radio audience hit an all-time high for the second year in a row.” The report revealed that around 245 million Americans are tuned into radio for a given week. This covers a whopping 91% of the American population, a market that excites advertisers.

Radio is easily available

A look at the facts shows that a large slice of the population still consumes content aired on the radio because of its availability, particularly in these situations:

• It is available in almost all automobiles. When people travel to work and back to their homes, the radio is the first thing they tune in to for music, news or just to get instant varied content while driving.

• When stuck in traffic, the radio keeps people company. However, because of the freedom that it gives people to switch between stations, it is imperative that radio stations find ways to attract people for longer periods of time. One way is to bring out good music—your music!

Radio is user-friendly

The internet may be everybody’s buddy when it comes to diverse and limitless content. But let’s face it, there are still millions of people who have yet to try a streaming service. Here’s why we consider the radio the friendliest option when it comes on to listening to music:

• It is easy to operate. There’s literally no considerable learning time required to tune in to your favorite radio stations. Just turn it on, tune it to your station of choice, and you’re good to go!

• It is absolutely free. The device, itself, may cost you a few dollars but unlike most streaming services, radio content is absolutely free. It also won’t charge you any succeeding fees for ‘subscribing.’

Radio provides consistent exposure

radio station studio Radio stations stick to a program schedule. Each program is curated based on a particular genre. This gives your music a consistent spot for repeated exposure for weeks or even months! Isn’t it amazing? Here are other awesome perks radio has for you when it comes on to exposure:

• Having a DJ as a host for a program can also be beneficial for your music. By getting the DJ discuss your music briefly, your potential listeners have a better understanding of the art behind your songs.

• Unlike most streaming services, your music is less likely to be drowned in a pool of millions of albums. Once your music finds its way to the genre it belongs to, it stays there for an extended period of time.

Radio creates brand recall

As an artist, you know that branding isn’t exclusive to the goods we consume every day. You create a unique brand for your music as well. Having that brand stuck in the public’s head is another bonus radio can offer you. Here’s how:

• Radio actively pushes content to its audience. It successfully creates a familiar tune into the listener’s subconscious mind by airing repetitive series of songs corresponding to its scheduled programs.

• DJs, as music curators, aid in creating the public’s brand awareness for your music. They can talk about your music during their programs. They can also invite people to listen to your songs during live performances.

Radio caters to a diverse audience

Radio doesn’t discriminate on anyone. The accessibility it offers the public creates an excellent opportunity for your music to be heard. Here’s how it successfully builds a network of listeners for your music:

• Radio has a broad reach. It covers cities and towns altogether. With the diverse set of audience it caters to, it can resonate the buzz your music needs to increase exposure.

• Radio content connects cultures and communities. Small towns are more likely to tune into the same stations. When people listen to the same music, they talk more about it, allowing your music’s presence to grow wider and stronger.

In a nutshell...

Radio is not dead. It continues to offer a wide array of perks for every aspiring musician. As it undergoes a transformation in the digital age, we’ll be on the lookout for more reasons why you should get your music on the radio today. We hope you enjoyed our article from

Sara Harrison is a music enthusiast who loves to play the guitar and piano, she has a large selection of music CDs with Rock and Blues being her favorite. In her spare time, she studies to be a music teacher, writes for, and enjoys visiting music festivals.

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