Rock Myths Debunked

Rock Myths Debunked

John Landrum
Guest Post by John Landrum

Rock music is a phenomenon that has gathered hundreds of myths throughout the decades of its existence. And it is no surprise because the rock bands that made history did a lot of controversial things that made people talk, and talking, as everyone knows, creates gossips and myths.

We have prepared an article about the top five myths about rock music that you are going to be surprised to find out. Are you already interested? Then keep on reading!

1. Subliminal Messages Can Be Unlocked When Songs Are Played Backward

Rock music has always been considered the devil’s music (read more about the 5 best myths in rock and roll) – the content of the songs, the looks of the rock bands, and their behavior testify of the fact that it is a completely different category of art that sometimes indeed has devilish vibes.

Throughout the history of rock, many parents who wanted to end the rock revolution claimed that, if played backward, the songs contained satanic messages. Why is it a myth? Because no one clearly heard any mentioning of Satan in the reverse lyrics, and no matter how hard the parents tried to sue the rock bands, it was impossible to prove anything. Also, any reverse lyrics sound creepy, even if you take an inoffensive Taylor Swift song.

2. Rock Musicians Are Uneducated Freaks

For some reason, a number of people think that rock musicians are uneducated alcoholics, whose songs are just the combination of words and sentences. This is one of the most ridiculous music myths.

In fact, while there might be some of the kind, the majority of rock musicians are educated people who write songs with deep meanings – sometimes it is even hard to understand the meaning due to the complexity of the thought.

The band Bathory was inspired by classical composers; just one example why stating that the musicians in this genre are barbarians is absolutely pointless. On a different but related note, do you think it is absolutely pointless to write academic essays? Check Edubirdie in UK and then get back to finding out the myths about rock.

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3. All Rock Music Is Anti-Religious

One of the mythical rocks is that rock music is against religion (read more on the top 10 myths about Metal). Of course, there might be some bands that propagate anti-Christian slogans, however, the majority of rock bands simply do not support religion, but they are not against it – they do not exactly hate it.

Moreover, there are many subgenres in rock music that might be considered completely inoffensive. If we take the Beatles as an example and analyze their songs, we will see that the only thing they cherished was freedom as it was in the 60’s – how can it relate to anti-religious vibes? Finally, there is such a subgenre in the rock music as Christian rock, which honors the positive influence that God has on humanity.

4. Rock Music Is Bad for Children

Each teenager has a phase in his/her life when s/he feels rebellious and finds rock as a means to prove it. Many parents worry that the latter might influence their child in a bad way and forbid them to listen to it. However, rock music does not cause any person to carry out bad actions – in fact, it is the least serious way to cope with stress and other troubles that teenagers face.

What is described in the songs seem familiar to the kid, and s/he feels better when s/he knows that someone else is/was going through the same thing. There are many people with beautiful stories about how rock helped them to survive the definitive periods in their lives. That is why rock could be seen as a cure rather than a poison.

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5. Musicians Cannot Really Sing

"The mythical musician who performs rock is someone who does not have talent – she can neither sing nor play the musical instruments." Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and there are indeed talentless musicians who are for some reason popular.

However, the majority do a lot of work to play a qualitative music. It is especially offensive to hear that metal lead vocalists scream rather than sing – their vocals are extremely difficult, in fact. The metal vocals range greatly, and such singing is far from being effortless.

To prove that some rock musicians are more talented than some of their pop music counterparts, one should simply watch and compare live concerts. While many pop stars cannot survive without lip-syncing, the rockers play musical instruments and sing whole songs.

Is rock still alive? It forever will be.

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