Seductive Music Production and Songwriting

Seductive Music Production and Songwriting

The Tunedly Team

Research carried out by professor Dawn R. Hobbs showed that approximately 92% of the 174 songs that made it into the [Billboard] Top 10 in 2009 contained reproductive messages. This report will not be surprising if you are familiar with pop culture or music on a broad scale.

Everyone has a sensual side; humans are wired to have sex, feel love, and have similar emotions; it is no surprise sex sells. Therefore, musicians who can craft good seductive music can easily position themselves for industry recognition.

Creating seductive music is not an easy task; it is not about stringing many romantic words together, nor is it about singing in hush tones. An essential ingredient in creating romantically steamy music is to make it appeal to your audience, the songwriting has to be detailed, and the production has to be unique. Therefore, writing seductive music involves balancing sounding dirty but not too dirty and painting your lyrics in the listener's mind.

Here are some hints for you to start writing seductive music.

Create a Playlist: Curate a list of popular seductive songs and study them as a guide. As a songwriter, you would be out of touch to not have listening ears for hot songs in circulation today. When you spend time studying what is obtainable in writing modern-day seductive music is when you can craft a masterpiece like Earned It by The Weeknd. Tap from the creativity of the music in your playlist. Examples of songs that should make your playlist include All the Time by Jeremih, Don't by Bryson Tiller, Love on top by Beyonce, and lots more. Take time to study why these songs sound the way they do and why they make listeners feel some way; then, you will be able to create music that genuinely seduces.

Find the Balance: Any music writer or producer would agree that this is essential for crafting seductive music. Many musicians today get lost in trying to create overly sensual music and lose their audience. You could string together all the needed words in your song, which will still feel incomplete because you cannot find a balance. You don't need to spend time making your song incredibly romantic; the listener's mind would do that. Instead, spend time finding the balance in your sultry words and ensuring your audience is not lost.

Identify your Audience: Finding your audience is vital to success as a music producer or writer. In popular culture, various topics like Sex, drugs, alcohol, love, and much more are included in the music. Most consumers of popular culture music are also teenagers; understanding who your audience is would help you craft your piece into things they can relate to and develop a connection with. They will not only create a relationship with your song but also with you as a singer. Once you can identify the demographic you are making music for, it helps filter the noise and streamline your focus into making music for the fans who genuinely cherish what you produce.

Make it Catchy and Relatable: I've been drinking; I've been drinking; I get filthy when that liquor gets into me."

This was the beginning of Drunk in love by Beyonce. The words are crafted in a way listeners can relate to; a large part of the pop audience drinks, so it is a very relatable beginning to the song. Nothing beats the feeling of good liquor and how it makes us feel. That way, Beyonce's words begin to paint pictures of moments of drunken sex or romantic moments when alcohol takes control. Making your music catchy and relatable will always leave an indelible image in the listener's mind.

Be Detailed but not Boring: The ability of a writer to capture detailing romantic moments into lyrics the audience finds enjoyable is splendid. Your detailing needs to keep the interest of listeners going.

Sam Smith’s Lover that I Lost is a perfect example. Let’s examine the lyrics;

Think about your lips and the way they kiss

There's so much I miss about you

Sitting on the beach, you were still in reach

And I haven't felt free without you."

Sam Smith was able to keep it going after each line is beautiful to the listener's ear; he was able to pick a perfect rhythm and tell a heart-wrenching story of a lover he lost.

Attention to Rhythm and Melody: You need to build a good pattern for the flow of the song you are creating, let the rhythm be a soothing one that a listener feels, and put them in a mood to want to hold someone tight. Make listeners get lost in the sound coming from their speakers. Work on the melodies and spice up the chords in the music with exciting tunes.

Finish Strong: You have to put your strong foot forward when ending a seductive song. Ensure your message has been passed across, and the listeners feel emotions. Add whispers, screams, and moans to complete effects. Do anything to finish strong and ensure it does not sound out of place.

Play your Music for People: Let people close to you listen to your music and learn to take their criticism. Let their opinion of your music push you to work harder and strive for perfection. Ask them questions like, "does it sound corny?" "Is this something you can have sex to?" These are hard questions, and their reaction to these questions is likely to be the plain truth.

Create Frisson: Frisson is a word used to describe the chills or goosebumps that come from you listening to particular music. Make this a yardstick for your music. You will become unstoppable if you successfully create this feeling due to your piece.

Attach your Music to Moments: You often hear music lyrics referencing places, months, or seasons. You will have heard phrases like "New year's day," "That night," "back in December," "valentine's day," and "a place in the woods" in some of the seductive music. That is a ploy to attach the piece to specific moments. When writing, try to create this effect.

Finally, sex music is a big enough market that can never be oversaturated. Once you can craft music brilliantly that ticks the hints listed above, you are on the pathway to being the music achiever you envision.

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