Songwriters Need an Exceptional YouTube Channel Too

Songwriters Need an Exceptional YouTube Channel Too

The Tunedly Team
Setting up a YouTube channel is a no-brainer for any forward-thinking songwriter who’s looking to gain some public attention. With the platform attracting, on average, over 1 billion active users per month, who consume more than 1 billion hours of content daily, sharing your music on YouTube has a number of obvious potential benefits.

Just ask superstars such as Justin Bieber and Tori Kelly, artists who got their start in the music business by posting amateurish videos on the video-streaming website, before hitting the big time. And it's not just the big names; lesser-known artists have also been making their presence felt on YouTube. Singer-songwriter Dave Days, for instance, has managed to rack up thousands and even millions of views on his videos while gaining over 1.5 million subscribers to date.

Kina Grannis, another young singer-songwriter, also has over 1 million subscribers on her channel and regularly puts out videos that get plenty of views.

But being noticed on YouTube is not always easy, at least not if you don’t know how to optimize your channel so that your presence is maximized.

Whatever state your YouTube channel is in, there are a number of things you can do to boost your subscriptions and gain more views. Here are four tips to build a triumphant YouTube channel.

Youtube channel tips

How to add social media buttons to your YouTube banner

Adding buttons that link to your other social pages is pretty simple. Here are the steps:

1. Sign into your YouTube account

2. Click on "My Channel" on the left. If not showing, click on three bars at the top left to get sidebar menu

3. Locate pencil icon at the top right, click on it and select "Edit links"

4. Look for "custom links" near the bottom left of the page. Alternately, you can click on "About," scroll down to "Links," and then click on the pencil icon

5. Click on the drop-down button to select the number of links you want to overlay on your YouTube banner (you can display a maximum of 5)

6. Click "Add" and type in the title of the profile you want to add, for example, "Facebook"

7. Paste the link of your social profile in the corresponding URL box

8. Keep clicking "Add" until you've inserted all the links you desire

9. Click "Done" and you're done

Be sure to apply all these tips to your YouTube channel and you'll be in a better position to boost your brand and share your music with the world. Good luck!