Stay Healthy While Chasing Your Dreams.

Stay Healthy While Chasing Your Dreams.

The Tunedly Team

For everyone that loves music, be it making or listening, the consensus is that it transports one from where they are to an entirely different realm. It's a portal to another reality, and this is even truer for people with music as their life force, whose very hearts pound to the rhythm of the bass and whose souls constantly stream harmonies and melodies.

Sometimes, when the music takes over you, every other thing may become secondary. People who make music spend hours in the studio, not paying attention to the need to eat, drink, or move outside a few feet. What is most important to them at that moment is the sound, getting the perfect lyrics and that right beat because they are creating art and making poetry.

However, the source has to be good to make something good; your physical, mental, and social health must be in shape for your music to be exceptional.

These are a few ways to ensure that in the journey to fulfill your ambitions and make your dreams a reality; you remain healthy to accomplish all you want.

1. Make your bed: Yes, you, catch your sub. It might seem small or unimportant, but it matters a lot. It is proven that the feeling of making your bed as soon as you get up from it gives your brain a shot of feel-good hormones. It is assumed that you've accomplished a task as soon as you woke up to start your day. This feeling will go with you through the day, giving you a little energy to accomplish other tasks you want to, like penning the lyrics to a new song or making sure the mix for the bridge of that song is just right.

It's also good to know that you have a well-laid bed waiting for you to lay on when you get home, which is the second important factor.

2. Sleep: I know you’ve heard it before, and you might have attempted the whole 8 hours thing, but it was impossible to sustain. The truth is, your body needs to rest to recuperate from the work it does every day and get new strength for the day ahead. Also, inspiration comes from dreams and near-awake experiences, so who knows? You might be one nap away from the song that throws you into the limelight!

Even if it's 6 hours at night, you can get in on the nights when there's not too much rush; it goes a long way in maintaining your health.

3. Make a playlist for everything: For your happy moods, your workout moods, your just-woke-up moods, make a playlist. Music helps produce dopamine and serotonin, hormones that make you feel good and help you accomplish your goals for even more satisfaction. It also helps in improving your mood and getting inspiration for new music!

4. Go into the sun: Understandably, Dracula may be your muse, and darkness and layers may be what your vibe is, but please let the sun touch your skin. A little bit of morning sun will make you feel more energized, but it also helps your body make sure your bones remain strong through the activity of Vitamin D and helps your body produce new blood cells. So, go out for a bit in the morning and breathe.

5. Move your body: Sometimes, stand up and boogie. All the bazillion songs that have been written about hips not lying and tootsie sliding know what's up. In addition, movement in dance or deliberate exercise produces endorphins, another group of feel-good hormones. This helps ensure your mental health is okay, and the added benefit of looking good is always a very appreciated and fantabulous plus. You can even decide to do this while getting your morning sun to make you a multitasking genius.

6. Eat well: We don't mean buying snacks from the shop across the street. Eating fresh fruits means your body is healthy. You must fuel your body well to maintain and give it the energy to work like a well-oiled machine - a well-balanced meal with carbohydrates and protein.

Eating well means less sickness, and that's more time to work on your craft and accomplish everything you want. Regardless, it is a must we eat as human beings.

7. Pace yourself: There is always pressure to put out the next project and be the next hit artist, but every path is different. There have been songs that suddenly blew up many years after release (take Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” as an example) and others that went hot the minute they dropped. No two people are the same, and it's good to constantly remind yourself that you're not running someone else's race.

8. Make time to live in the present: Make time for family and friends because that is what is truly important. Call the people who love you and take time to talk to those who support you. It helps keep you grounded and reminds you that you're loved beyond what you put out. Go out with your friends and make true lasting memories. Spend quality time and enjoy the place you're in currently. It passes fast, and sometimes, in pursuit of the dream inside us, we fail to see that we are living it already.

So often, many forget that health is about more than not being sick, and it entails being happy and being in a good headspace.

You want to be in the best shape of your life for as long as you're here. So you want to experience the evolution of music and take an active part in it to enjoy life. Your health is essential. Music greatly helps us enjoy total health.

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