The Inner Workings of the Tunedly Music Discovery Platform

The Inner Workings of the Tunedly Music Discovery Platform

Chris Erhardt

This blog post is intended for artists who either have or are considering uploading their songs to the Tunedly Music Discovery Platform. This post will explain what happens and give you some best practices, tips, and tricks to succeed on Tunedly.

After you upload a song, the audio file will undergo a quick, automated screening to ensure the file is in the correct format and file naming or title naming adheres to the terms and conditions. Once the file clears the process, the song will go into the pool of all uploaded songs by independent and major label artists. Listeners can now stream your music, but all streams are randomized within a genre, meaning listeners cannot request a particular song. Listeners choose their favorite genres, and Tunedly will feed them a random stream of songs from that genre.

The twist is that all songs are presented 100% anonymously - no artist names, images, popularity measures, or streaming numbers are publicly displayed. Therefore, music listeners have no clue if they are listening to a song by a major artist or your song.

While people listen to songs, our algorithm tracks things like stars (listeners can give songs they like a “star”), skip rates, and average listening duration, among other metrics. Based on these metrics, Tunedly identifies the most promising songs by unsigned artists. Suppose your piece catches our attention based on the above metrics. In that case, we may reach out with a music publishing offer in cooperation with our publishing partner Spirit Music Group.

How long does it take for a song to gain traction? How long should I keep my music in the race?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Generally speaking, it depends on the number of listeners we have on the platform at any given time. The more listeners we have, the quicker we can gather relevant listener data to determine the top songs. Make sure to share Tunedly with your friends! We recommend that artists keep their songs in the race for 6-12 months. We’ve signed songs as fast as within three months, but we’re also seeing songs uploaded last summer only now gaining traction. If and when this timeline changes, we’ll update it here in this blog post.

How can I improve my chances of getting noticed on Tunedly?

We think Tunedly is the fairest of all music discovery platforms because it does not consider any metrics other than your music. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, how you look, how memorable your name is, or any vanity metrics you would have to nail on other music platforms. So, the way to get noticed is by uploading the best music possible.

What we look for in music is the commercial appeal, so make sure your production is professional and crisp. Songs that tend to do best on Tunedly, regardless of the genre, are usually between 3.00 and 3.30 and definitely under 4 minutes in length. Also, they have a short or no intro and reach their choruses within less than a minute.

This piece was written by Chris Erhardt, the CEO and Co-founder of Tunedly, your go-to online music studio, music publisher, and masked music discovery service. 

Tunedly connects songwriters and music creators to some of the world’s most talented session musicians to create professional-sounding music, as well as help you gain exposure through music publishing opportunities