Tunedly in 2022: An Eventful Year Comes to an End

Tunedly in 2022: An Eventful Year Comes to an End

The Tunedly Team

Looking back at what you have achieved in the past year motivates you to do better in the following year. At Tunedly, we do the same:

- In 2022, we continued to produce world class music for songwriters from across the globe.

- Our subsidiary Bring My Song To Life ( has grown exponentially over the past 12 months, now accounting for 50% of all music projects.

- In previous years, we modernized Tunedly from the homepage, to the e-commerce process of ordering songs. However, the hardest part to modernize was the actual music production tool and collaboration platform, which we finally also modernized in 2022, giving Tunedly a completely new, modern and much more user friendly look and feel.

- Our main focus in 2022 was creating TunedCoin, the native crypto token for the Tunedly music discovery and publishing platform. The whitepaper was finalized in early 2022 and the token smart contract went live in November 2022. You can find out more about TunedCoin here:

- In 2023, our focus will be on integrating TunedCoin with the music discovery platform, integrating more partners into the Tunedly and TunedCoin ecosystem and signing 200 songs to exclusive music publishing deals.

2023 offers more opportunities to keep growing and we can’t wait to see how everything will materialize for us and...for you.