What’s New at Tunedly?

What’s New at Tunedly?

The Tunedly Team

A whole lot of new developments have been coming to Tunedly. The team has been working overtime to continually improve our services and give all our users and respected customers a fantastic experience in our ecosystem. As usual, we have gathered, for utmost service, some of the most talented musicians across the globe to help you create the beautiful music you desire. But that’s not all. As a company, growth is our concern, and we have kept improving in many ways, as this article shows.

It's your time to shine.

If you love to listen to different genres of music made by soon-to-be big artists, it's your perfect time to shine. Pop, rock, country, R&B, and hip hop, Tunedly has you covered. Go to and enjoy beautiful music from the comfort of your office, home, bus, or in the backseat of your car. Discover new songs and enjoy the vibe the songs have as you unwind or go about your business.

Why do we let a select few so-called “industry experts” pick the songs we hear on the radio, in TV ads, in movies, and in our favorite shows? Shouldn’t you and I decide what tomorrow’s hits will be? Tunedly is turning the music industry upside down, enabling listeners like you to discover new songs and artists and turn them into future hits.

Introducing The Tunedly Top 10 Charts

Similar to songs on conventional streaming platforms, we have introduced the Tunedly Top 10 charts. This chart comprises the 10 most popular songs on the masked music discovery platform. They are arranged in the order in which you, the Tunedly listening audience, like the songs on the platform. Wouldn't it be nice to see a song you like, claim a good position on the charts because other people have similar great taste as yours? Visit the discovery platform and find your pick today.

Say Hello to Earnings.

Listening to music is great for unwinding and relaxing, but did you know you can earn TunedCoins while listening to your favorite jams? If you love music and want to earn NFTs and TunedCoins, just star your favorite songs. If a stared song is signed in, you earn the song’s NFT and a TunedCoin. You will also get invitations to exclusive events where you'll mingle with the artists and have fun.

TunedCoins is the Key to Royalties.

You may not know, but you can earn royalties from listening to Tunedly music. Royalties are a great source of revenue, even as you sleep. The song can earn you royalties even on live events for a long time and get exclusive invites to them. Attached to TunedCoins and NFT, this is a great way to earn while listening to your favorite songs.

The Future of Music

Making music is no longer a lengthy and tedious process. Tunedly offers to create music for you with the best artists, including Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners. This is a chance of a lifetime to own a piece of intellectual property while having fun. Discover new music hits with Tunedly or request a song for your loved ones. Tunedly is the future of music!

Discover different genres of fantastic music made by soon-to-be prominent artists on Tunedly, and earn royalties, NFTs, and TunedCoins when you listen to these songs. Tunedly also offers to create music for you with the best artists, including Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners.