What a year it’s been at Tunedly!

What a year it’s been at Tunedly!

The Tunedly Team

Producing a song the right way and getting right has always been a big deal. From idea conception to unavoidable mental obsession, there is an itching feeling in every songwriter to bring a piece of a song idea to reality. Conventionally, the right step in getting it right is going to a good studio and booking a session to create your genius. This comes of course with the hassle of getting all important parties involved to be in the same place at the same time while trying to make sure everything is carried out impeccably within the time limits of your booked session.

This exact scenery, though fun and enjoyable to some musicians, isn’t exactly accessible to most. From getting it correctly done within speculated time to managing the running costs of making music with this model consistently, for most musicians, it isn’t a feasibly continuous endeavor. So when Chris Erhardt and Mylène Besançon founded Tunedly five years ago with some of their closest musician associates, this was the problem and challenge they sought to solve and eradicate.

5 years since its birth, Tunedly has stood the test of time doing exactly what it was created for perfectly well, while continuously growing from strength to strength. Tunedly is a one-stop online music recording studio where you get to create your music from any part of the world at the comfort of your bedroom with some of the finest professional musicians across the globe. With as little as a song idea, song lyrics, or even just an iPhone recording, Tunedly has been able to help songwriters and musicians alike have their music professionally produced at an affordable charge.

Over the years, with 2021 not being an exception, Tunedly has built a roster of the most talented and professional musicians across the globe, with over 30 categories of session musicians and over 100 personalities available on our platform, ranging from lead and background vocalists, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, pianists, project managers, composers, saxophonists, mixing and mastering engineers, as so on, who have vast experience performing, top-lining, composing and collaborating in songs across a wide genre of music, ranging from pop, rock, country, hip-hop/rap, and r&b/soul.

It is, therefore, no surprise that our catalog of recorded music keeps growing year in year out. In 2021, Tunedly thus far recorded 7,000 songs with over 30,000 individual track-out files for 2,200 songwriters. This is no mere coincidence, as it is evident that our quality stands out and speaks for itself, helping us garner more songwriters and create more songs by the day.

Aside from being the most reliable online recording studio in the world with a roster of extremely talented, experienced, and professional session musicians, Tunedly also offers publishing services to songwriters who have created some of the best songs out there. Tunedly believes that these songs, after being created, are of great value and if correctly exploited, can bring a huge lasting stream of income for the songwriter.

Tunedly has a partnership agreement with Spirit Music Group, a publishing company established in 1995 and has a reputation for being one of the most recognized names in the music industry. All songs signed to a Tunedly music publishing contract are administered through our partners, who own a catalog of songs from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks and so many more.

The need for creating revenue streams for some of the impeccable songs created on Tunedly, as well as other songs of talented songwriters who have created music outside our platform brought about the launch of the music discovery app on Tunedly this year. Millions of great songs go unnoticed every day on conventional streaming platforms. Some of these songs, if not most, can conveniently compete with the biggest songs in the world when given a level playing ground.

Understanding the excitement that comes with discovering a new talent whose music touches the right nerves in your body, Tunedly created a platform that lets listeners listen to some of the world’s greatest songs before they become big successes, allowing the listener to create this reality by simply judging these songs solely on how beautiful they sound to them. No excessive marketing campaigns, no cover arts with beautiful eye-catching designs, no big names to cling you towards a bias. Just solely on the merit of the music.

The process is used in selecting the songs signed onto the publishing opportunities Tunedly offers, giving every song a fair chance at becoming successful at no cost at all. The listeners aren’t left out as well. When a song judged as great by a listener gets signed from the masked music discovery app, such listener gets to earn royalties, cash, or other prizes!

These are the innovations that have been introduced into the Tunedly ecosystem this year, and there are projections of continued growth expected in 2022. In 2021, Tunedly experienced an overall increase of revenue by 50% compared to 2020. This means what we have going here at Tunedly is working and growing, both at the clients’ end and the session musicians’ side of the business. 2022 offers more opportunities to keep growing and we can’t wait to see what’s in the stall for us.