What Happens As You Get Older

What Happens As You Get Older

The Tunedly Team
Tick, tick, tick... Hear that? With each passing second you are getting a little older.

Aging is not something to worry about, but knowing what to expect when you reach your next milestone is often laced with uncertainty that keeps many of us awake at nights. And, for some people, the expectations are dreadful, from fears of sagging skin and lost libido to wild imaginings of being helpless and winding up lonely.

There is hardly any thought about the benefits of getting older, such as developing an appreciation for a type or era of music (or becoming better at writing songs if you're a songwriter, for example). That's why we compiled a list of some of the positive things you can expect for your next age milestone. Let's go.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 20s

  • People start taking you more seriously now that you are no longer a teen.
  • You get a lot more freeway to stay out late, meet new people, and gain new experiences.
  • Classmates who never spoke to you when you were in high school (including that secret crush) will start saying “hi” and try to chat you up when you run into each other.
  • Your parents trust your judgment a little more.
  • There is an empowering feeling inside you, like the world is at your feet and you can do anything.

Positive Things You Can Expect in Your 30s

  • You will feel more comfortable and confident in your skin than you have ever been in your life.
  • Your student loans will be closer to being paid up, if not already paid off.
  • You will appreciate drinking wine instead of beer or hard liquor.
  • The need to become settled (buy a home, start a family, become financially secure, etc.) will kick in.
  • It becomes easier to read people and can sense bull&*#t from a mile away.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 40s

  • You care way less about people’s opinion or what they think of you.
  • Getting closer to financial independence if you’re not already there.
  • How fast time flies really hits home and you try harder to make the most of each day.
  • You have now figured out how to mute the voice of self-doubt in your head.
  • You actually have a style of your own now, you recognize and own your personal brand.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 50s

  • You no longer have to worry about getting the occasional acne breakout.
  • You have more time for yourself now that the kids are adults and have either moved out or are old enough to not need your help all the time around the house.
  • Being happy becomes easier because there is less pressure on you to please others and less demands on your time.
  • You can give a younger person advice and they will actually listen to you.
  • You’re finally financially independent because you have finally paid off the mortgage and probably have a business (or two).

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 60s

  • You can truly do anything you want (including going on that worldwide cruise you’ve been thinking about for the past 30 years) because you have the money and the motivation to do it.
  • Your immune system is less sensitive so many of your allergies will disappear.
  • You are retiring or have retired already leaving you with time to start a new project you’ve been thinking about for years.
  • Grandchildren
  • It becomes commonplace for you to do things you would never dare do thirty years ago.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 70s

  • Your appreciation for life and the little things has never been higher.
  • You are now a respected member of a club or committee.
  • Having accomplished most or all of the things you wanted to do in life, you will feel a sense of contentment.
  • Your children are more attentive to and protective of you.
  • Your remaining friends cherish you even more now, and you, them.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 80s

  • Absolutely nothing and no one can make you feel embarrassed anymore.
  • You’re more likely to be totally at peace with the world.
  • A sense of being loved and cared for by everyone around you who are willing to do almost anything for you.
  • It’s easier to find the positive in each and every day, no matter what is happening.
  • Strangers are more willing to give you their seat on the bus/train and are generally nice to you.

Positive Things You Can Expect in your 90s and beyond

  • Everyone wants to know what’s your secret for longevity.
  • You finally understand the adage that you are only as old as you feel.
  • You’ve finally mastered the art of being patient.
  • Having lived so long, you will receive lots of attention and flattery from the public who see you as a national treasure.
  • The opportunity to see your grandchildren get married and have kids of their own, making you a great-grandparent.
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While you're on your way to your next age landmark, don't forget to seize the day and have fun. Write and record the songs that you keep thinking about (but can't seem to find the time for), go on that trip, go after your life passion...just live. Remember, the life in your years count for more than the years in your life.