Make Your Own Song

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Make Your Own Song

Yes, it's that simple.

Tunedly lets you tell your selected session musicians, singers and engineers exactly what flavor you want for your music; in real-time at that. Join, collaborate, and download your newly-produced song. 


Make Your Own Song

But that's not all.

Tunedly has partnered with key industry players to maximize your earning potential. Make your own song suitable for placement opportunities when you work with award-winning musicians and tools.


Make your own song with Tunedly

If you're searching for ways to make your own songs sound impressive, Tunedly is as good as it gets. With hundreds of professional session musicians, singers, and engineers at your fingertips, there is no reason why your music should lack the edge it needs to find favor with publishers, labels, and artists.

It's now easier than ever to create top-notch music, without having to spend a great deal of time and money hunting down qualified musicians and trained studio pros, who can help you achieve the right sound. So, what can you expect with Tunedly? 

A collaborative music production and publishing platform 

Trying to make your own songs is now simplified via a user-friendly platform that lets you choose who you want to work with and collaborate via live chat. Easily upload and share your files with collaborators and stay in communication with a dedicated, trained professional from start to finish. 

Keep improving your music knowledge and skills with valuable and informative resources and tools. Get storage space for your music files, so they’ll always be within easy reach.

Start making music in minutes 

Joining Tunedly is possible for all music creators who are interested. Getting started with making your own songs is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Start getting results in quick time as well; turnaround time for radio-ready songs and demos is faster than most traditional and online music recording studios. This makes it possible to grow your catalog of music much quicker, and the more high-quality songs you have at your disposal, the more pitching opportunities there are, leading to a higher chance of finding success.

Your greatest hit starts here

The world's best 

Joining Tunedly gives you the opportunity to make music with some of the world's top session musicians from anywhere you are in the world. From instrumentalists who have worked with superstars, including Frank Sinatra, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson, and Garth Brooks, to vocalists with chart-topping credits, you can be sure of collaborating with the best. 

Browse through our impressive roster to view the profiles of musicians you would like to work with. You can even listen to samples of their previous projects to see just how good they are and how your song could benefit from their skills. 

Join the movement 

When you join Tunedly, you're not just signing up to record music, you become part of a movement that is set on revolutionizing the music industry. Hundreds of songwriters, lyricists, and artists have already recognized the liberating power of our collaborative music production and publishing platform. 

Not only does it provide more creative freedom, it also removes many of the physical and financial barriers that have stifled the careers of too-numerous music creators who don't have access to vetted musicians or reputable studios. In addition, joining Tunedly gives you more to look forward to from your musical works, rather than just being content with creating music for friends and family - now you can make music of the highest quality that can attract fans and industry professionals. 

Plus, there are huge opportunities to gain more exposure for your work. As a Tunedly User, you get access to a number of extras that are geared towards helping you find success. Tunedly makes it possible for you to receive consideration for music publishing opportunities that allow you to earn more royalties. 

Just doing it for the fun? 

Okay, so maybe you’re a songwriter who just wants to make your own songs as a hobby; a way to soothe the turmoil in your mind, and not necessarily for the possible financial gains. That’s totally cool. The truth is that every songwriter, regardless of their goals, come upon similar struggles in their respective careers. Tunedly understands, which is why it was designed to make it easy for all categories of creators, whether you just want to make music as a therapeutic exercise or have ambitions of finding commercial success. 

Save more, gain more 

Tired of spending big bucks on hiring musicians and booking studio time without having any results to show for it? With Tunedly, you are able to match your budget with the session singers, musicians and studio pros you need to make your music sound great. 

Best of all, you get to keep 100% of the rights to your music. As you probably know, with many other music production sources, you end up having to share every penny, even if your song doesn’t do very well. 

Topnotch customer support 

Not sure where to get started or even what to expect once you get on board with Tunedly? No worries...our superb customer service team will help you every step of the way via live chat or email. To top it off, all projects are monitored by trained professionals, who are always accessible to provide answers and updates. 

Getting on board with Tunedly is a no-brainer 

That is if you're ready to make your own songs with professional online session musicians for hire, who really know how to make good music that increase your chances of exposure. After all, that's what it is about - finding more ways to share your music with the world. You don't have to take our word for it, join Tunedly now and experience all this and more.

What are people saying?

Richard B.
“ Tunedly has been tremendously instrumental in my success as a songwriter. The quality of their production resulted in me signing a publishing contract. I've since used their services to produce songs across diverse musical genres, and the professionalism and care shown by their team has amazed me. ”
Richard B.
Penny T.
“ The way Tunedly operates is very clear but If you have any questions they are always quickly responsive and helpful. I am very pleased with all of my Tunedly productions. They are friendly, competent, and most exciting of all very unique and original in their ways of working with writers. In essence Tunedly is a wonderful company! ”
Penny T.
Peter L.
“ Tunedly has everything I need to produce great, radio-ready versions of my songs - I am able to select the session musicians and singers that suit my project, and get a mixed/mastered full production of my song in a couple of weeks, and at a cheaper rate compared to a traditional recording studio.
Very happy! ”
Peter L.

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