Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

How does the Money Back Guarantee work? 

Eligible Orders

Any music production package ordered on or after November 25, 2022 qualifies for the Tunedly Money Back Guarantee. Productions ordered prior to the above date do not qualify for the money back guarantee. Only packaged productions (Nice & Simple, Small Band, Full Band) and add-ons qualify for the money back guarantee. Any custom quoted projects do not qualify for the money back guarantee. 


After Tunedly completes the production of your song, you will receive your song with a Tunedly branded watermark incorporated into your song. If you do not like the production, simply ask for a refund. If you like the production, accept it (via email, direct message or accept button) and we will send you a clean, non-watermarked version of your production, along with all the other files you request e.g. stems, alternate file formats, different versions (e.g. instrumental, clean, radio mix, etc.).

Do others offer a money back guarantee?

As far as we know, none of our competitors are confident enough in their service to offer a money back guarantee. 

Refunds are subject to a $10 cancellation fee!

Terms and Conditions

For production service orders placed on or after November 25, 2022, you qualify for a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Upon completion of your song, we will send you the final production of your song for your revie. The recording will include a Tunedly branded watermark throughout the song.

If you are not happy with the recording, you may reject the production and request a refund. If you approve the production

(via email, direct message on the platform or by accepting the track on the project management tool), we will remove the watermark and send you the clean version of your production.

At that point, you no longer qualify for the money back guarantee.