work with Bart


My name is Bart and I'm a professional guitarist from the Netherlands. I've been playing live, recording and teaching for over 25 years now and I'm at home in many styles such as country, rock, pop, funk, blues, soul, Americana, alternative, etc. I have a wide range of professional equipment and instruments that suit most common sounds and styles. My gear includes telecaster, stratocaster, 335, 330, Les Paul, acoustics, Baritone, Gretsch, 12 string, mandolin, banjo, bass, pedal steel, Kemper Profiling Amp, Rode mics, SE mics, Shure mics, etc. My goal is to make a song better with my parts and serve the song and the wishes of my clients.


Dobro, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, Musician, Pedal Steel