work with Larry


Hello, my name is Larry. I offer my percussion services worldwide and have online/virtual recording credits in nearly every corner of the globe. Some of those include,Sweden,Norway,Israel,India, Italy,Ukraine,France,Tanzania,Holland,Canada,Poland,Oman,New Zealand,Brazil,French Polynesia,Greenland,The U.K. and the U.S. I understand the communication,sensitivity and follow through associated with online recording work. To date,I have completed ten full lengths, three E.P.'s and over 200 individual online sessions through various platforms. I have done projects ranging from D.I.Y. artists to Walt Disney Studios. I have completed online sessions for various TV jingles, film trailers and XBOX and PS4 games. My film and TV credentials are extensive and in the hundreds. Recording Gear: I use Neve mic pre's and Maag EQ's, Logic Pro X. Plus a large-impressive collection of percussion and drum specific mic's. Drum type Instruments: Conga, bongo, cajon, djembe. timbales, talking drum, udu drum, doumbek, snare drum, floor toms, bass drums, frame drums (riqq pandeiro, bendir, tar,) castanets, berimbau, washboard, Auxiliary percussion: Shakers (caxixi,maracas, tube and egg shakers) triangle, guiro, clave, plastic/wood blocks, tambourines,spoons, African/South American bells. Effect percussion: Singing bowls, gongs, cymbals, energy chimes, wind chimes, tingsha cymbals, rattles, mouth harps. Electronic percussion, Nord 3P, Korg Wavedrum, various AKAI MIDI controllers, Roland SPD-SX.


Musician, Percussion