Online Session Musicians For Hire

All you need to make great music and grow your career with our talented online session musicians for hire. 7,000 completed projects.


Online Session Musicians For Hire

Yes, it's that simple.

Tunedly lets you tell your selected session musicians, singers, and engineers exactly what flavor you want for your music; in real-time at that. Join, collaborate, and download your newly-produced song. 


Online Session Musicians For Hire

But that's not all.

Tunedly has partnered with key industry players to maximize your earning potential. Connect with award-winning musicians and tools to make great music suitable for placement opportunities.



Find Online Session Musicians For Hire

Now that you are here, it's easy to give your songs a winning edge. Tunedly brings together the cream of the crop when it comes on to finding online session musicians for hire. Dive in, you'll see that everything's here; from award-winning musicians to great tools and features to help you get started with whatever project you have in mind.

A premium music production platform and publishing solution

Getting started with Tunedly is easy. Simply join and start making music in minutes. You can create a song from scratch, hire an online session singer or musician, or have your work mixed and/or mastered.

No longer is it necessary to spend time and money going around trying to find reputable musicians to help you make music, or spend hours googling for professional online session musicians for hire. Neither is there a reason to make sub-standard music from DIY alternatives that may end up causing more harm than good (no one wants to listen to crappy recordings). Instead, you can join our interactive music production platform now and be on your way to success sooner rather than later.

Have questions about anything? You will have the opportunity to communicate with a dedicated, trained professional, who will guide you where you need to go in order to accomplish the service you are after.


Who you'll find on our roster

Don't be surprised if you ended up collaborating with a drummer who's worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams or a guitarist who has been featured on a chart-topping song. In fact, our roster includes session musicians who have done work with Garth Brooks, Beyoncé, Barry Manilow, Katy Perry, and Lisa Page, among other global superstars.

In addition to being the home of experienced online session musicians for hire, Tunedly also allows you to connect with some of the finest up and coming musicians in the business, many of whom have graduated from prestigious schools, including Berklee College of Music.

You don't have to take our word for it either. You can listen to samples of their previous projects to see just how good they are and how your song could benefit from their skills. When you're ready to select who you want to work with, you will also get to speak directly with your musicians through your project page.

Lots of resources and perks

No matter what your level of music mastery is - whether you're a seasoned professional or someone who has just recently decided to venture into music - there is a wealth of information and resources that can help you to get to the next level of your career. Here's what you will receive upfront, even before placing your first order with Tunedly:

  1. Readers' corner

    Increasing your musical IQ is easy with Tunedly as a result of our comprehensive blog covering a wide range of music-related topics. From songwriting tips to guest posts focusing on important aspects of the music industry, there is bound to be articles that will pique your interest.

  2. Just in it for the fun?

    Okay, so maybe you're a songwriter who just wants to make music as a hobby; a way to soothe the turmoil in your mind, and not necessarily for the possible financial gains. That's totally cool. The truth is that every songwriter, regardless of their goals, come upon similar struggles in their respective careers. Tunedly understands, which is why it was designed to make it easy for all categories of creators, whether you just want to make music as a therapeutic exercise or have ambitions of finding commercial success.

  3. YouTube videos

    We create a variety of audiovisual content on topics ranging from the business of music to becoming better at songwriting, and everything in between. To further elaborate, even our session musicians for hire watch them.

  4. A feeling of relief

    You've found the right place. You can rest assured we will not only help you with making good music, we also assist with keeping it safe - we store your produced-songs for a great amount of time and this is unique to Tunedly.

Cost-effective music production services

Getting your next song produced by Tunedly will be one of the best decisions you make for your music career. Not just for the opportunity to make high-quality music with top-notch online sessions musicians for hire, but also for the cost-effectiveness. You get real value for money when creating your professional demo or song. 

What others are saying

Tunedly has been singled out for its bold steps in revolutionizing the music industry by a number of music industry voices. These include music industry news source, Hypebot, as well as The Next Web, whose Technology Journalist, David Geer, had this to say: "Tunedly may well represent the future of the recording industry." Testimonials from satisfied Tunedly users also let you know that you are making the right move.

Get on board now 

Whether you're a music veteran or a newbie, you'll find that making music with us is almost as easy as breathing. There are so many opportunities to get the exposure you deserve, as well as the support you need to help you get from song ideas to radio-ready music, and everything in between. In other words, we've got your back if you're serious about making high-quality music.

The power is now in your hands. All that's really left for you to do is unleash your creativity. It's time to find your ideal online session musicians for hire with Tunedly and get in tune.


What are people saying?

Richard B.
“ Tunedly has been tremendously instrumental in my success as a songwriter. The quality of their production resulted in me signing a publishing contract. I've since used their services to produce songs across diverse musical genres, and the professionalism and care shown by their team has amazed me. ”
Richard B.
Penny T.
“ The way Tunedly operates is very clear but If you have any questions they are always quickly responsive and helpful. I am very pleased with all of my Tunedly productions. They are friendly, competent, and most exciting of all very unique and original in their ways of working with writers. In essence Tunedly is a wonderful company! ”
Penny T.
Peter L.
“ Tunedly has everything I need to produce great, radio-ready versions of my songs - I am able to select the session musicians and singers that suit my project, and get a mixed/mastered full production of my song in a couple of weeks, and at a cheaper rate compared to a traditional recording studio.
Very happy! ”
Peter L.

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