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Yes, it's that simple.

Yes, it's that simple.

Tunedly lets you tell your selected session musicians, singers, and engineers exactly what flavor you want for your music; in real-time at that. Join, collaborate, and download your newly-produced song. 


But that's not all.

But that's not all.

Tunedly has partnered with key industry players to maximize your earning potential. Connect with award-winning musicians and tools to make great music suitable for placement opportunities.


Songwriting Tips

Are you looking for a reliable platform to assist in your songwriting? You are at the right place because Tunedly is jam-packed with all the music news, songwriting tips, and information you will ever need. Our Industry News (the Tunedly blog) is will help you understand the basic fundamentals of good songwriting.

Join and form your own collaboration band!

Armed with an arsenal of the best session players in the music industry, Tunedly delivers all that it promises and more. Our session musicians work with you remotely, so you don't need to factor in studio hire or travel time. Your files are delivered via our collaboration tool ready for you to use right away.

Need a little help?

We got you covered! Look at our FAQ, ask a question in the chat box, or visit our contact page to get answers from the awesome session players at Tunedly! We guarantee you the best services.

Collaborate with world-class songwriters and musicians.

Our roster includes musicians who have worked with the best of the best and some have even scaled the heights of success. It's possible that you could wind up collaborating with a drummer who's worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams or a guitarist who has been featured on a chart-topper. Yes, Tunedly also allows you to connect with some of the finest upcoming musicians in the business. Some have played at big venues and events and many have graduated from prestigious schools, including Berklee College of Music.

Jump into the virtual studio...

And see for yourself how easy it is with Tunedly. We have a large choice of instruments you can choose from: bass, guitars, keys, horns, live strings, and more. Get in on the ground floor, so to speak. Join Tunedly and you could be on your way to success.

Start applying Tunedly's songwriting tips and making music with a winning edge now. Connect with real producers and start creating like never before.

What are people saying?

Richard B.
“ Tunedly has been tremendously instrumental in my success as a songwriter. The quality of their production resulted in me signing a publishing contract. I've since used their services to produce songs across diverse musical genres, and the professionalism and care shown by their team has amazed me. ”
Richard B.
Penny T.
“ The way Tunedly operates is very clear but If you have any questions they are always quickly responsive and helpful. I am very pleased with all of my Tunedly productions. They are friendly, competent, and most exciting of all very unique and original in their ways of working with writers. In essence Tunedly is a wonderful company! ”
Penny T.
Peter L.
“ Tunedly has everything I need to produce great, radio-ready versions of my songs - I am able to select the session musicians and singers that suit my project, and get a mixed/mastered full production of my song in a couple of weeks, and at a cheaper rate compared to a traditional recording studio.
Very happy! ”
Peter L.

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