Finding a Skillful Music Producer

Finding a Skillful Music Producer

The Tunedly Team
If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are interested in finding a music producer. You are not alone in this pursuit. Skillful and knowledgeable music producers are always in demand.

That’s because they happen to be a vital part of the music creation process. In a previous article, we spoke about what singers ought to keep in mind when looking for a music producer to work with. From some of the feedback received, it was apparent that some people were not clear on how to find talented music producers to begin with.

In this article, you will learn about some of the ways you can get in touch with a music producer if you are looking for one. But first, let’s talk a bit about what a music producer does.

Purpose of a music producer

Making music for commercial purposes – selling to the public, placing in TV and film, paid performances, etc. – requires recordings to be a at a certain standard. The music business is highly competitive and a music producer often has the ear and experience to get your musical works produced at a level that makes them stand out. A skilled music producer can come up with the creative direction for a song or composition at any point in the process, even from start to finish.

A producer's work includes selecting the instruments, advising changes to a song (lyrics, melody, structure, chord progressions, etc.), picking vocalists, creating the beat for a music project, and/or sourcing other production talents to help out. Great music produces tend to have both technical and soft skills, with the ability to apply theoretical knowledge as well as offer advice to music creators. In addition, they can offer advice on your creative tactics and some even have connections in the business they can help you get in touch with.

With all that said, a music producer is not a magician. He or she cannot "make things happen” miraculously for you. Sure, there are some notable producers around who have been credited with helping some of the world's biggest stars get hit records. Common examples include Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds' work with numerous R&B hitmakers, Dr. Dre's work with Eminem and others in hip-hop, and Berry Gordy's huge influence during the Motown Records era.

While these producers often exhibited extraordinary talent and foresight in helping to create number one songs, the artists and songwriters involved, in most cases, brought their own strong work ethics and valuable material to the table. How far your music reaches depends on the work you put into it in the first place. Focus on writing high-quality songs, which will make it easier for music producers to apply their skills in bringing your songs to life.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are different types of music producers. There are producers who can create music from scratch for projects such as ads. Some producers create beats that are used by artists who already have a song but want to tailor it to suit their intention. There is also another type of producer who works with songwriters and composers in helping them turn their lyrics and demos into high-quality master recordings. For many of you, this latter type is what you will likely be in need of. Whatever the case, here are a few ways to find a skillful music producer.

1. Ask around

One of the first things to do when trying to find a music producer is to ask people around you if they know any. Music producers, especially good ones, are often well known in music circles. Your friend in a band, the owner of the bar or club in the town square, the music teacher at the nearby college, or the DJ at a local radio station are some of the people with linkages in the music industry who might know of a producer who could help you.

2. Search for music producers online

Whether you’re trying to find your soulmate to share your life or looking for a roommate to share your apartment, the internet has made it easy to find and connect with all types of people you might be interested in. It’s the same thing if you are seeking the services of a music producer. Most serious music producers nowadays have an online presence, including setting up their own websites and having profiles on YouTube and other social networks.

When searching for producers online, you have to be vigilant, however. First of all, check to see if they are into producing your style of music or have some experience in the genre. You should also find out what other musicians are saying about them by checking comments and reviews. The last thing you want to do is trusting your music to someone who is incompetent or is into something totally different from the type of music you want to create.

3. Get referrals from your peers

If you know other songwriters, musicians or artists who have put out music, you can ask them to refer you to the producer who worked on a particular song of theirs that you like. If they had a good experience, they will often be only too happy to give you the contact details of the producer they worked with. This is a useful way to connect with a good music producer because you have heard their work and the person referring can vouch for how skilled he or she is. However, be sure to find out if the producer has experience in your genre if the referrer happens to do a different type of music from you.

4. Check online music directories

While searching online, you can also check out music directories, which lists the name and contact details of many professionals in the industry from around the world. These directories tend to be huge but narrowing the search to your city or town should make it easier to find a music producer who might be helpful.

5. Contact a music production studio

If there is a music studio in your area, this is a great place to find a music producer as well. Music producers are always coming and going at music studios and some even have their own facilities. Call, email or visit the studio to find out the names of music producers who use it and how you can get in touch. If you are not near a physical studio, it is still possible to connect with producers at music production studios. Online music recording studios can also work. In the case of Tunedly, for example, you can connect with a competent project manager who can help pick the instrument and singing talent to turn your lyrics and rough tapes into professional recordings.

Music producers can be helpful to songwriters who want to create songs for potential placement opportunities or artists and bands looking to put together high-quality music for their target audiences. Whatever category you fall in, finding a reputable music producer can be instrumental in helping you create songs that people want to hear.

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