Hire String Quartet For Recording

Hire String Quartet For Recording

The Tunedly Team

Looking to include some amount of delicacy and elegance in your next song or composition? You may want to hire a string quartet for recording your musical project. Strings are in style once more, thanks in part to the success of the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, which showcased several popular songs throughout its soundtrack that featured string arrangements.

Trends aside, string arrangements in popular music is not new. String trios, quintets, and even entire orchestras have been featured in well-known songs. “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” by Train, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve, and “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion are just a few examples where strings have been employed to dramatic effect.

In addition, string quartets are commonly sought after for public events such as concerts and weddings. Other string arrangements are sometimes used, including duos and trios. However, when looking to hire strings for recording, quartets are sort of the go-to arrangements.

What is a string quartet?

A string quartet refers to a traditional arrangement of different musicians (or a composition created for such an ensemble) – two violinists, one viola player, and another on cello. This grouping was first made popular by famed Austrian composer, Joseph Haydn, in the 18th Century and became a common feature of classical music over the years. Although there are other instrumental arrangements that can count as quartets, the dual violins – viola – cello set up claims the title because of the prestige it managed to claim in classical musical history.

The appeal of the string quartet is in the resonant, full harmonious sound that is produced. It involves the lead violinist playing the melody, which is supported by the second violin player. Mid harmonies are provided by the viola, while the cellist brings up the bass and can even provide supporting melodies. In short, a string quartet ensemble can take your sound from ordinary to outstanding, whether you are trying to make an R&B classic, Rock anthem or Pop hit (or want to compose a classical piece).

Hiring a string quartet for recording your music

Getting in touch with a string quartet is not always easy, especially one with the requisite track record or proven skills. For one, the current COVID situation has ruled out the prospect of setting up studio sessions to record live with a string quartet. But even if it was possible to work with a string quartet in a physical space, hiring one can be quite costly. A single session with one can add up to over a thousand dollars, in addition to paying for studio time, as well as fees for producers, sound engineers, and anyone else involved in the recording.

The natural alternative, and the one best suited to current living conditions, is to go online to hire string quartets for recording your music. Finding string quartets online is not difficult. But this too requires some amount of diligence for best results. That’s because some string quartets may not have the necessary experience or sound you are looking for. Top rated string quartets often spend a lot of years working together in order to become really good at playing as a unit. Finding these players can take a lot of research.

Connecting with string quartets on Tunedly

Thankfully, if you are using Tunedly to record your music, we can hook you up with a suitable string quartet to match your style and to harness the vibe you seek for your song. And even if you are not sure what you want, we can help you zero in on the type of sound you are looking for when hiring a string quartet for recording purposes. Tunedly is a haven for professional musicians, including violinists, viola players, and cellists, all with years of experience and high-quality training.

What’s more, Tunedly was set up to facilitate online collaboration and, therefore, can put together the right ensemble to suit any project you have in mind. You can also browse the roster to find musicians who match the skillset and repertoire you are looking for. Each musician on our site has samples of their music which can help you get a feel of what they are capable of.

When it comes on to cost, Tunedly helps you save money for a string quartet as well. In contrast to hiring an independent string ensemble, your music production costs are tied to the number of instruments you want for your project. As such, a string quartet – which obviously consists of four instruments will cost far less on Tunedly.

Other benefits of hiring a string quartet for recording

Tunedly has the requisite talent to ensure you get the string quartet performance your music project deserves. But it’s more than that. Communication with your selected musicians is made easy through an interactive and collaborative platform. You also have the option to have the entire process managed by a dedicated project manager, and you are always included in every step to ensure you get the results you seek. Moreover, turnaround time is breezy, so you will have your recording in hand in no time flat.

When you want to hire a string quartet for recording your music, there are a lot of moving parts to consider, including skills, training, cost, and convenience. Tunedly can do all the heavy lifting for you, simplifying the process of finding a suitable string quartet and ensuring you get the best results.