How to Collaborate With the Best

How to Collaborate With the Best

The Tunedly Team
It’s no secret that songwriters often face great difficulty when trying to find musicians to collaborate with - and who they can count on to do justice to their music projects. If you’ve checked out many of the places that allow you to hire musicians, you can probably attest to this. A general lack of professionalism is among the experiences you’ve probably had.

Many of these platforms also lack innovative tools and features that make it easy to collaborate, such as the ability for songwriters to work with multiple session musicians simultaneously on a single project. These are just a few of the shortfalls in the online music recording industry that have been identified by Tunedly, and which we have sought to address. For one, we only look for credentialed and professionally-trained musicians to add to our session roster. In addition, we ensure that being on Tunedly provides avenues for musicians to earn comfortably from offering their services to songwriters.

“When I first heard about Tunedly and checked out what they were offering, I was a bit skeptical,” admitted Chris Burke, in explaining why he joined Tunedly.

“As a session musician, I was simply tired of feeling taken advantage of on other platforms I had joined in the past. To begin with, many of them charge a signup fee and, on top of that, you end up having to start at the same pay level as amateur musicians. Even in cases where you are allowed to price your services higher, it’s sometimes difficult to compete with less experienced musicians who will charge significantly less, even if the work they provide is of inferior quality. This, undoubtedly, is one of the things that leads to songs getting rejected by the listening public, and end up hurting songwriters’ chances of making an impact. With Tunedly, I didn’t have to pay to join, and I was comforted by the fact that musicians had to show their worth in order to get in. All session musicians are handpicked professionals and we all have the opportunity to work for fair prices corresponding with our respective skills.”

Chris is just one of the many top-rated session musicians you can connect with when you trust Tunedly to help bring your songs to life. And now, after making it easy for songwriters like you to collaborate with skilled musicians online, we have gone a step further. Tunedly has now formed a partnership with several world-renowned musicians to create an exclusive session musician roster.

Making up this impressive roster include Ian Smith, a well-known saxophonist, who’s worked with the likes of Barry Manilow and Frank Sinatra Jr., as well as Caleb Allen, a singer/songwriter in the gospel genre, who is credited with writing multiple Billboard charting songs.

With Tunedly attracting these artists, who are household names in the business, we have solidified our status as a hub for songwriters, who want to work with only the best musicians without having to pay an arm and a leg. What’s more, these elite musicians will only be available to offer their services online to members of Tunedly. So, if you’re already in, you can start collaborating right away. If not, it’s simple to get on board and start making music with Tunedly.

And just in case you need one more reason to make Tunedly your home when trying to find musicians to collaborate with, we now offer unlimited demo recordings. This means you can create as many guitar/vocal or piano/vocal demo productions as you like, all recorded by our talented session musicians. It's available to all subscribers for one low monthly fee (get all the details), you just need to be ready with your lyrics and rough recordings.

Check out the entire Tunedly roster here and let’s make some great music together!