How to Know if it is Definitely Studio Time

How to Know if it is Definitely Studio Time

Joseph Payne
Guest Post by Joseph Payne

For many, who are blessed with a melodious voice, recording that first song might seem like a distant dream, desperately waiting for that day when they would turn their musical talent into a professional pursuit. If you happen to be one such talent, you most likely can relate to this fact, right?

Well, coming up with a recorded song of your own or with a band might seem like a meticulous task, yet the reality doesn’t say that such feats are impossible. In fact, it is mostly a humble beginning of the career of any amateur singing sensation!

However, it is important to understand when your skills have moved past casual, inquisitive strums on a guitar; rather they’ve turned into a harmonious masterpiece. To be more precise, when you are ready to drench the world in the shower of your music.

Unfortunately, there’s no siren to let you know that that ultimate moment has arrived. Instead, you have to be aware of certain signals, which can let you know you're ready for the studio and to record some incredible compositions.

Want help figuring out those signals?

Just read on...

1. People are falling in love with your casual humming

Imagine simply sitting with the guitar and murmuring some new lyrics in the company of a friend, who suddenly exclaims something like, “Wow! That sounds wonderful!"

If you can recall anything like that happening to you then yes, you are certainly ready to face the crowd. That’s because people like your friend, who become fans of your music, are already willing to be your audience. So, if he or she is loving it, chances are high that other people will.

2. Your live shows are buzzing

If you've garnered the courage to play live, such as at community concerts, birthday parties, or even clubs, you might be able to tell from crowd growth and reaction. Over time, if you’ve noticed that your audience has grown from single digits to hundreds of loyal fans, your music has definitely grown. It is a crisp and clear indication that people are liking your music and you can now make the decision to go a step further.

That next step, logically, should be launching your music to an even bigger crowd. That’s when you should start planning to contact a professional studio for a recording, which could lead to even more exposure.

3. Your ultimate dream- Going for a demo recording

You might have been writing, practising, and refining your songs for years but never got to the recording stage. If you feel you've mastered those aspects and wondering what to do next, it’s possibly the right time to get your first demo recording under your belt.

However, when choosing a recording studio, make sure that it is one that will care for your music extensively. One that will guide you in making your sound as amazing as it can be, which is your dream, to begin with, correct?

Believe me, your first demo recording will mean a lot to you! It will be the first polished inspiration, which will set you on the track for the rest of your musical journey.

4. Garageband is no longer enough for you

If you’ve spent a lot of time practising music with GarageBand presets and now feel that your music has outgrown that phase, you’re certainly ready to connect with a professional studio.

That might be because you've come to realize that the songs you create are no longer limited to such canned instrument loops. Instead, you're thinking that your music should now be accompanied with finely-recorded live instruments and top-level mixing and mastering. In short, it's time to start looking into working with the right studio, where your work will be transformed into quality music.

Over To You

So, if you are experiencing any or all of these signs, it's time to stop waiting. Take the final steps to get with a stupendous studio - which will understand your music - sooner than later. Once you get done with your first recording, your music will speak for itself!

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Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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