Importance of Online Recording Studios

Importance of Online Recording Studios

The Tunedly Team
In the past, we have written quite a few articles about the benefits of online recording studios and how to collaborate with musicians online. The list includes the fact that online-based studios increase access to professional music production services for many music creators and help to relieve some of the hassle associated with finding musicians.

Now that the Coronavirus outbreak has led to the widespread lockdown of the music industry, online music services are proving to be even more important than ever. As a leading music recording studio online, offering professional production services and publishing solutions, we are ideally placed to comment on the proceedings. How relevant is the online recording studio in this health crisis, and what can be expected going forward?

Promoting social distancing

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. The novel Coronavirus is highly contagious. Its spread has been aided by people coming in close contact with each other, with many not aware that they are even carrying the virus.

Governments trying to stop the spread have trumpeted the practice of social distancing. This includes remaining at home and staying at least three feet away from others if out in public.

As is well-known by now, going to a physical studio would not help much in keeping people socially distant. Moreover, the enclosed environment in a music studio would be an ideal breeding ground for the Coronavirus, in the event that someone with COVID-19 used the facility. Such a high level of risk means it is much safer to stay at home and use Tunedly to make music.

Helping more musicians engage in collaboration

Collaboration between musicians has been responsible for an astonishing number of hits in recent years. In fact, research shows that the majority of hits in the top 10 of the Billboard charts, at any given time, involve multiple music creators. It is clear that there are benefits for songwriters and other musicians to collaborate. But physical distance and other factors make this difficult for many.

With access to an online music recording studio, anyone can now find collaborators, and with just a few clicks of a mouse. Apps enabling collaborative songwriting sessions have been growing in popularity. The use of videoconferencing platforms to host jam sessions and even virtual concerts has also gained momentum.

At Tunedly, it is possible to collaborate with musicians who can help turn your lyrics and rough tapes into professional demos and full songs. Many of our session players have years of experience and some have even worked with famous musicians, so there is no compromise on quality.

Opportunities for exposure

This point is specific to the Tunedly platform. We are not only an online music production solution, but we also offer music publishing services. You can submit your songs via the Tunedly song-plugging portal. If they make the cut, our team of song pluggers will do their best to get them placed in movies, TV shows, ads, or games. The possibilities are endless.

Opportunities to learn new skills

Online music recording studios allow people to get closer to their computers and even closer to musical instruments, which means there are opportunities to learn new skills. Some music creators are learning more about how to use email and various collaborative software to communicate, for instance. Others are figuring out ways to enhance the sound of instruments to ensure their recordings are of the highest quality.

With that said, if making music online is a bit challenging for you, using Tunedly can make it simple. The entire process is straightforward, and if you have questions, it is easy to get answers.

Bringing the music community closer together

In times past, there have been concerns about disunity in the music industry. This is a result of numerous reasons, including sexism and discrimination. While those sore points still need to be fully addressed, the increased use of online studios and other virtual services is having the effect of promoting unity among musicians. It is well known that music is a unifying force, so getting more people to get together and share musical ideas can only be for the best.

Save money

One of the issues that has hampered numerous music creators over the years is the steep cost of making music at a professional level. Studio sessions for just one song can easily run into thousands of dollars, depending on the level of production and the experience of the musicians.

Using online music recording studios have helped to alleviate that high cost in many instances. Here at Tunedly, songwriters using our services have marveled at the production quality they have gotten for the price which, in many cases, is a fraction of what it would cost at any of the popular music studios.

Going forward, the online recording studio seems set to become a mainstay in the music creation activities of more songwriters and musicians than ever before. This will likely be further assisted with increasing developments in digital technology and infrastructure. We don’t believe the physical recording studio will ever be done away with (and they still do have a place in society) but virtual recording studios are definitely the way of the future.

Just so you know, we have implemented a special price during the lockdown, taking 50% off the regular cost on all production services. It’s the perfect reason to try out online collaboration if you have never used an online music studio before.