Let us Do it for Love

Let us Do it for Love

The Tunedly Team

Music is the one medium that touches lives anywhere and at any time, transcending race, class, age, and status. It is a unifying force that can bring joy, cause sadness, inspire, motivate, and it can also heal.

We’ve written about good reasons to write songs in the past, and how making music for people who are depressed can help change the world. This time around we’ll be talking about how music can be used as a positive instrument to bring cheer to the lives of sick kids and teens across the nation and around the world. Let’s talk about Songs of Love.

What is Songs of Love?

The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. But more than that, it’s a joyous movement that puts smiles on sad little faces and a sense of belonging in tiny hearts. It’s really the best reason for writing a love song, and the world needs more of those.

Each song and CD is professionally produced and features lyrics containing the child’s name and references to all of his or her favorite activities, characters, things, people, and pets…basically anything that the child happens to hold dear. Songs are written and performed in any language and in the musical style that the child likes best, be it kid’s music, pop, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, etc., by talented singer/songwriters who volunteer their services.

Who Does Songs of Love Cater to?

The movement is one that has touched the lives of thousands, creating songs for kids and teens aged 1-21 all throughout the country. As each child is unique, so is every ‘song of love’ that is composed for him or her. The Songs of Love Foundation has been around since 1996 and during that time, it has reached out to over 27,000 children in over 500 hospitals and health care facilities in all 50 states and various locations around the world.

How does it work?

At each of the hospitals and facilities that are involved with Songs of Love, the kids and their parents fill out a song request form. The form can also be filled out online or downloaded and then sent back to Songs of Love via email. The document captures unique information about everything the child likes, including their favorite pets, music, family member, and so on.

The completed form is then sent to The Songs of Love Foundation for the song to be brought to life. Once recorded and packaged, the song is delivered via mail, in CD form, for the child and family to listen to over and over. The song can also be downloaded from the specific child’s special Songs of Love page. Each child has their own web page, which can be shared with family and friends.

How you can help

The Songs of Love Foundation is always in need of kind-hearted singers and songwriters to help meet the demand of the song requests that come in daily. This includes musicians from all genres and music styles, who have the desire to give something meaningful to a young child who just wants to feel better. It’s an opportunity for you to honor another human being with the talents you have been given and make a real difference, shining your light in a world that can sometimes seem dark and lonely, especially to an ailing child.

It’s also a unique chance to help get Songs of Love into more hospitals and facilities globally. It’s an initiative that should be replicated in every area around the world and, with your help that could be a reality someday. If this sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, please send an email to [email protected] or call 800-960-SONG. You can also visit the songs of love website if you desire more information.


The Songs of Love Foundation is the only charity of its kind doing this incredible work that is helping so many young and impressionable minds cope with life challenges. Their mission is unique and it gives each and every songwriter, who works with them, a chance to create a guaranteed hit song that will be loved and cherished by all who hear it. The song will even be featured on a special Spotify playlist.

We know there are many songwriters who are looking for their next breakout song and for inspiration. Songs of Love provides that in more ways than one. Contact them today!