Looking for Mixing and Mastering Pros?

Looking for Mixing and Mastering Pros?

The Tunedly Team

Looking to put the finishing touches on your next song?

Depending on where you are and your budget, it might be difficult to find top-notch audio whizzes, who are offering affordable online mixing and mastering services. Luckily, Tunedly makes it possible for musicians just like you to connect with dozens of audio professionals from anywhere you are in the world.

Now, you may or may not have already known that but whatever the case, you might be wondering why Tunedly. Before we jump into it, note that this is a special blog post, created with your needs in mind. We’ve been gathering responses and questions from a number of songwriters and musicians who have shown interest in Tunedly’s exclusive mixing and mastering services.

Basically, like you, many have been asking why they should use Tunedly and not other online mixing and mastering services. Instead of answering everyone individually, we thought it would be more beneficial to put together an informative article that will be accessible to anyone who might be interested. Note that we aren't saying you shouldn't try others, we are simply stating why it makes sense to choose Tunedly. With that said, enjoy.

Reason 1: Magical mixing by talented pros

As mentioned earlier, we do know how difficult it can be to find qualified sound technicians and engineers, who are skilled in turning bad mixes into ready-for-radio masterpieces. This is especially true if you're not living in an area that has reputable studios and musicians close by - musical locations such as Nashville, London, or Los Angeles, for example. To remedy that dilemma, Tunedly brings together some of the most credentialed and experienced studio pros all in one place for your convenience. What we essentially do is carefully handpick some of the best in the business, so you don't have to do it yourself.

Reason 2: Benefit from mastering services carried out by real technicians

A quick Google search could provide you with other sources for mixing/mastering your songs but are all really offering the same thing? If you know the right questions to ask, you will quickly find out the answer is "no." For starters, nowadays there are many modern mastering sources that use artificial intelligence to get the job done. That might sound impressive, considering all the arguments happening in the world of technology surrounding AI. But when it comes on to mastering your music tracks, AI usually results in finished products that are unnaturally loud. If you’ve ever heard the term “loudness wars” or “loudness in music,” you would know what that’s about.

On the other hand, connecting with real, live mastering professionals via Tunedly ensures your songs maintain a human touch that is desirable and pleasant to the ears of music listeners. It’s the way to go if you want your music to sound authentic instead of just loud, and that matters to the audience.

Reason 3: One-stop solution music-production solution

If you're like many other music creators, you probably prefer working with one company or group for all your music production needs, not just for online mixing and mastering services. If that's the case, you're at the right place. Tunedly is a one-stop music production solution that was recently recognized as one of the 12 best apps for DIY musicians and bands.

With that said, you can save yourself the time and money spent running around trying to find qualified engineers and manned music studios that offer their services at high fees. That's no longer necessary because Tunedly is a full-service, online music recording studio, which offers live collaboration with the world’s best session singers, musicians, and engineers, who are ready to provide you with top-class services at the most competitive prices.

So, do you have song lyrics you want to put music and vocals to, or maybe a rough demo that you want turned into a radio-ready song? You can check out our impressive talent lineup and menu of services to see how we can help you out.

Who’s on our roster

Speaking of the talent lineup, another question we often get is who exactly are the people that can be found on our platform. Well, put it this way, finding experienced and well-trained musicians to collaborate with has never been so easy. Our roster includes singers, musicians, and engineers who have worked with big-name artists, such as Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, and Michael Jackson, among others, on chart-topping projects.

There are also musicians who have graduated from prestigious music schools, as well as some who have already completed impressive solo projects, and are seeking to work with other upcoming music creators. All music pros on our roster have detailed bios and work samples to make it easy for you to judge who would best suit your projects and needs.

What’s more, our innovative platform allows you to communicate with your selected music talents in real time via live chat, so you can get to describe exactly what you’re looking for. View our roster now and get started in just a few clicks.

Other commonly asked questions

While we do have a detailed FAQ section on the website, let's address two other commonly asked questions relating to online mixing and mastering while we're at it.

- "Can I send you Logic or ProTools files?" The answer is yes, although we prefer uncompressed WAV files.

- "How long does it take?" It usually takes roughly three (3) days for mixing/mastering a song.

How to get started

If you haven't already done so, you can apply for Tunedly Membership to get started with making music online or to utilize our professional online mixing and mastering services. Becoming a Tunedly Lite or Unlimited Member opens up a whole world of opportunities to save and uncover a range of services that can benefit your career, depending on your unique needs.

Just to elaborate a bit more on that - Tunedly Memberships include free demo recordings and discounted professional song recordings, as well as access to song plugging opportunities that earn you more royalties, plus much more.

Best of all, you get to keep 100% of the songwriting rights for songs you produce with Tunedly. In other words, all your earnings from your music will be yours.


Joining the Tunedly community also entitles you to several freebies and exciting extras. Expand your knowledge base with detailed eBooks and an informative blog (where you're at now). Get exclusive access to file/stem storage space that will help you keep your projects organized and prevent you from losing important WAV files. Since starting out, we've continuously improved the website, so you couldn't have arrived at a better time.

Get on board now

No matter the service you seek, you can get it done with Tunedly, regardless of where you are in the world. Vetted musicians and engineers ensure that you get value for money, whether you are just recording or taking advantage of mixing and mastering services online.

Apply for membership now to see the difference it makes using our innovative platform for first-class online mixing and mastering services or making your own songs. All our pros are looking forward to working with you on your song, they're highly motivated because they are as passionate as you are about your music.