Marriage Counselling in the Modern Era

Marriage Counselling in the Modern Era

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“Till death do us part” is a promise that many wedded couples struggle to keep after tying the proverbial knot. But many matrimonial unions have been saved as a result of marriage counseling. Just ask power couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who have publicly spoken about their issues and how seeking therapy helped save their marriage.

With an estimated 40 – 50% of marriages in the United States ending in divorce, effective marriage counseling is more important than ever. This is one reason why our friends at BetterHelp asked us to share their message – in the hope that more people, including married musicians, will be more empowered to seek help with their marriages if they need it.

Not every couple is keen on seeking professional help when problems set in. Whether it’s pride on the part of both parties or one partner not wanting to try, seeing a marriage counselor is sometimes avoided, with the thinking that the problems will go away – something that hardly ever happens, if ever.

The fears of getting counseling are varied, from the fear of being judged to thinking the counselor will take one person’s side over the other. And while these fears are usually not accurate, there is one modern solution that helps to remove the reservations associated with getting couple’s therapy. Welcome to online marriage counseling.

Benefits of getting marriage counseling online


For married couples who may avoid counseling because they fear their dirty laundry getting out in the public, doing it online can help to keep things anonymous. With online counseling hubs such as BetterHelp, for instance, people seeking help can interact with counselors via email and other online mediums that don’t require sharing personal details during the session.


Strenuous work hours, spending time with kids, and trying to set apart alone time can make it difficult for couples to honor appointments with traditional counseling sessions, even if they really want to. On the other hand, online counseling platforms allow couples to schedule sessions at any time convenient to their lifestyles.


High prices for counseling sessions can, unfortunately, add to all the hang-ups some couples might have with traditional counseling methods. Marriage counseling platforms such as BetterHelp make it possible for almost anyone who needs it to get therapy. They are able to do this by offering various packages to suit the needs of couples. On top of that, the cost for counseling is reduced since an office is not needed to conduct counseling sessions, thereby cutting down on the overheads, and couples can save on the cost of transportation as well.

There is no doubt that marriage counseling has helped, and continues to help, save marriages. If you’re having issues in your own marriage or know someone who does, online marriage counseling is an area that you should definitely be considering.

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