How to Get a Publishing Deal with Tunedly

How to Get a Publishing Deal with Tunedly

The Tunedly Team

After going through the rigors of getting that song idea that you had to become an actual well-produced song, what next? Producing a song is such a beautiful process that deserves a crowning moment to it. For artists, it's literally easy to have the song distributed, come up with a release plan, and get the song out there to the world. But as a songwriter, it's a bit different.

You want to get the song to publishers who will, in turn, help you get the song to the right ears for a fee. But getting a good publisher is very difficult in this time and age. That's where we come in for you at Tunedly. If you have that one song that you believe is the best thing to happen since sliced bread, we are ready to get it out there for you.

Aside from being the most reliable online recording studio in the world with a roster of extremely talented, experienced, and professional session musicians, Tunedly also offers publishing services to songwriters who have created some of the best songs out there. Tunedly believes that these songs, after being created, are of great value and, if correctly exploited, can bring a huge lasting stream of income for the songwriter.

Tunedly has a partnership agreement with Spirit Music Group, a publishing company established in 1995 and has a reputation for being one of the most recognized names in the music industry. All songs signed to a Tunedly music publishing contract are administered through our partners, who own a catalog of songs from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, and so many more.

The Process

Tunedly has a process of selecting the songs we choose to sign. Our music discovery program, a platform that allows you to upload your music for free and get listened to by thousands of music fans across the world, helps us decide what song to pick. It's a very simple and straightforward process.

The first step is to visit the Tunedly website and scroll down till you find this particular screen. Simply select Music Publishing

This will bring you to this page. The next step is simply to select Submit Your Songs For Free

The next page is this. Upload your song, fill out the details, and you are good to go. Your song will be included in the songs on our discovery platforms for listeners to enjoy.

None of the songs uploaded is displayed on our streaming platform with any means of identification. Everyone listens to these songs and chooses their favorite track every day based on the actual quality and merit of the song. All you have to do is have a good song and our music fans listen. At the end of the month, the 10 most loved songs from unsigned artists are selected and signed to publishing deals. For a better understanding of the way the algorithm works, read this message from our CEO.

Submission of songs for our publishing program is absolutely free. There is no upfront payment to be made. Your song, however, must have been professionally produced. Tunedly offers an online production service for this in case this might be a shortcoming, Here’s a step-by-step process on how to use it.

We also require that you must own both the publishing and master rights of the song you choose to submit. And finally, you should be willing to sign our standard publishing agreement should your song get picked. It is basically a 50/50 deal.

The best part about publishing with Tunedly, is that your song is guaranteed to get placements with either a feature film, a national campaign, or with a major artist within 18 months of signing a publishing deal with us. If it's not, we give you $5,000 in cash.

Tunedly is your go-to online music studio, music publisher, and masked music discovery service. Tunedly connects songwriters and music creators to some of the world’s most talented session musicians to create professional-sounding music and help you gain exposure through music publishing opportunities.