How To Keep Your Rhymes Interesting

How To Keep Your Rhymes Interesting

The Tunedly Team

Rhymes and rhyme schemes are an essential part of songwriting. They keep the fluidity of the song in check and allow for the listener to keep moving in a sweet sailing motion as the song progresses. There are different ways in which songwriters employ the use of rhymes in their music. Because they are important to the presentation of the song, rhymes are usually taken into particular consideration when writing a song.

In music writing, everything that is involved in the songs has to be in sync with each other. A well-written song without a great instrumental may not get the right attention or reaction that is expected of the song. A song to be sung by a great vocalist that is poorly written will most likely sound like sweet nonsense to its audience. When the rhymes are not used properly or executed correctly as well, a great disservice is being done to both the performer and the prospective listener.

Using rhymes in song, therefore, is great. Using them right is important. These two conditions might be met however and the song may still sound incomplete. It is possible to use rhymes, use them correctly and still sound boring. That defeats the whole aim of having rhymes in a song, or of even making a song in the first place. Keeping the rhymes in a song interesting goes a long way to keep the listeners glued to a song when it is being played.

A well-produced song with well-written lyrics will most definitely have a great vocal performance when the rhyming methods used in the writing is not sounding boring. So here are a few tips on how to keep the song rhymes interesting.

Alternate Between Rhyme Schemes

    In one of our recent articles, we discussed at length what rhyme schemes were, how they are used, and the different types of rhyme schemes. It means that we most likely know what rhyme schemes are already. There are different forms of rhyme schemes that can be used when writing a song. But no rule says that one rhyme scheme should be used in the entirety of a song. Some songs sound great just having one pattern of flow. But more often than not, this is a boring approach to writing music.

    It is important that the song sounds great and pleasing and interesting to the ear of the listener. Alternating between rhyme schemes is one way to ensure that that occurs. They give the song some form of variety and make it more enjoyable and attention-grabbing. Using a couple from the various rhyme schemes that exist for your song is a great way to keep the listener interested and keep your rhymes fresh.

    Sounding Good Over Looking Good

      One way a lot of songs are written is by having a melody pattern first before words are then fit into such patterns to get the best sounding music. In such situations, a couple of words may be mumbled into the melody that sounds so perfect for the song. But when the final words are being written to form the general song lyrics, such mumbled words may not look good with the song but they may still sound good. It is important to realize that listeners listen to music. They judge first based on how it sounds to them.

      If in the process of writing a song you find a word that doesn’t look good in the fit but sounds good in it, prioritize sounding good over good looks. Changing that word may make the pattern with which you’re written be set off balance and probably kill the flow. Unless you can find a very similar word that looks good for context and sounds good as well, always go for what sounds good in the end.

      It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

        There are different types of rhymes to pick from when writing a song. It is suicidal to insist that the rhymes must be perfect when writing a song. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Use the other types of rhymes in your songwriting. Expend the entire rhymes spectrum. Trying to only use perfect rhymes can lead to inauthenticity in writing, and can also become boring to the listener.

        There are various types of rhymes aside from perfect, as discussed in one of our articles. Taking time to understand them might as well help you know how you can use them in your song to capture the full attention of the listener and the full emotion that is meant to be emitted from the song.

        When these are put into consideration in a songwriting process, the chances of the song having a boring listen to the audience is reduced drastically. Rhymes are supposed to give beauty to a song. Use them properly and start writing those beautiful songs you wish to write about.

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