Curious About What the First 10 Articles on Our Music Blog Were About?

Curious About What the First 10 Articles on Our Music Blog Were About?

The Tunedly Team

Curious About What The First 10 Articles On Our Music Blog Were About? | Tunedly Music Publishing Company

If you are reading this, you most likely already know who we are and what we do here at Tunedly, and we are a company striving to improve the services we render to our customers daily. Tunedly has executed well over 7000+ projects since its inception in the online music recording space. We boast of a vastly diverse, experienced, and talented roster of professional session musicians, who work day in and day out to help bring the songs of thousands of musicians across the globe to life in the most professional and radio-ready form possible.

Our reputation definitely precedes us for the excellence we exude in our project delivery methods. We have a whole lot of clients who have left Tunedly satisfied with the results they got, and have gone on to spread the Tunedly gospel across the world, about our online recording studio, as well as the other numerous services we offer as a company remarkably.

One of such is definitely our music blog. This is where we share useful knowledge and information for songwriters who are looking for such information, advice, resources, and inspiration to help grow their songwriting careers. We strive to make this a home for songwriters. Every week, two new articles are shared on the blog and on our Weekly top Picks newsletter. 

The first article from our blog was published on the 27th of March in 2017 and since then, we have over 400 such written pieces on the blog waiting for our readers. It has been a long time coming to share these articles with you. So in this piece you are reading for this week, we are showing you a list and rundown of the first 10 articles we have published here on the Tunedly blog.

1. Why Use a Pro Recording Studio? - This article was the first to be published on our blog. It discusses how music recording studios have evolved dramatically over the years, but also how the need for professional studios hasn’t diminished any bit.

2. How NOT to Sabotage Your Music Career - Avoiding self-sabotage is critical for anyone looking to build a successful music career. This piece describes the ways this can be implemented to grow a successful career. 

3. Simple Tweaks for Better Songwriting - Getting better at songwriting sometimes means making small adjustments to how you go about creating music. There are a lot of such tweaks you can make and we’ve highlighted a couple of them in this article

4. Must-Read Legal Tips for Musicians - A basic understanding of copyright, trademark, and contract law is recommended for artists in the music industry in order to properly protect themselves. You definitely need to read this if you are interested in not making mistakes in the music industry. 

5. Music Gear Theft Happens More Often Than You Think - Just as the title suggests, music gear theft is quite rampant and can leave you in a sad and unstable situation should it happen to you. Knowing how to protect your musical equipment while traveling can help to prevent music gear theft. 

6. How to Give Awesome Live Performances - Stage performances are no doubt very important to a musician's career and it is as important to get it right. Terrible live performances can negatively affect your career as an artist but knowing how to prepare can help you prevent them.

7. Is Your Music Self-Promotion Effective Enough? - If your music self-promotion is failing, there are a number of things you may or may not be doing right. This article helps to show you the things you’re missing out on.

8. How to Write a Song: Guide for First-Timers - First-time songwriters can learn how to write a song from start to finish if they know the right steps to follow. These steps are easy and are here for you or for anyone you know trying to learn to read. 

9. Try These Songs When You Want to Get Loud - Singing along to your favorite songs can be unbelievably liberating and satisfying, whether you’re hollering in the confines of your bathroom, or banging on the desk at work, or while driving home in traffic. These are some songs that will definitely get you in the mood to get loud.

10. Explaining That So-Called Singing Accent - Based on the so-called ‘singing accent,’ it would seem that most of the world's singers who record English-language songs are from the same country. There’s a reason for this.

That's it. The first 10 we made. Do freely read and share them around. And finally, do not forget to log in to your Tunedly account today. 

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